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Having thoroughly enjoyed the study of English Language at A Level, I believe I have a secure academic foundation with which to approach a degree course in this subject with confidence and enthusiasm. The English Language takes a fundamental and crucial role in enhanced communication between different social groups, and to read English would, therefore, be extremely beneficial to both the development of my communication skills and my ability to express ideas and opinions

Additionally, a course in English at this level would provide me with an opportunity to further my knowledge of the theory and historical basis of the language - each of these being aspects of the course that particularly interest me. I also look forward to studying the practical application of English in various social contexts, and the ways in which language has evolved and developed over time. I hope that successful completion of an English degree will be advantageous to me when pursuing a career in marketing and advertising - a field I aspire to enter upon leaving university

In addition to my A Level courses, I have pursued various interests, both in and out of school - including the study of both theoretical and instrumental music to Grade V standard, by means of school lessons. Playing the 'cello has allowed me many opportunities to participate in numerous orchestral concerts and solo performances, which I feel have increased my confidence and improved my ability to communicate with others - by performing and interacting as part of an ensemble. This experience has also allowed me to enhance my awareness of music in general - especially of composers originating from the Baroque period

My part time job as a waitress has also made me more able to co-operate with others (through both colleague and customer interaction), and has improved my ability to take initiative and be independent. I have found the work to be a rewarding and invaluable experience - as both a source of finance, and as a gateway through which to enter the field of employment

Over the past three years, I have become extremely interested in graphic design and html programming. These skills have provided me with paid work in the form of website design for local businesses - through which I have improved my capability to meet deadlines and work to a schedule, and encouraged myself to set personal challenges, learn new skills and meet new people. My self-motivation, creativity and self-expression have also benefited from this experience - all valuable qualities, which I believe are particularly relevant when regarding the nature of course I have chosen

On the whole, I believe myself to be a generally sociable, dedicated and self-disciplined student, although I can be overly competitive at times. I have enjoyed my A Level studies so far, have gained a great deal from them, and believe that I have the determination and ability to enjoy a successful university career.

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Excellent Inspirational Personal Statement

Very well thought through and inspiration with anyone who is looking to do the same subject. Instead of focusing so much on quoted texts this has found another persuasive technique and I love the stylistics of it. Thanks!

P.S. Not going to plagiarise just excellent inspirational aspects.

Just a minor improvement

I think you've written a strong personal statement. I wish you the best of luck. One little improvement would be to take out 'I can be overly competitive at times'

Don't give them a reason to fault you :)

david fenne

i loved it like musical theater

keep it simple

keep it simple

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