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My enthusiasm for Creative Writing was ironically inspired by an encounter earlier in my academic life, when I was advised to pick a "realistic career choice". My peers had expressed vocations to become midwives, doctors, scientists and the like, but for me, writing was something that I could personally relate to, stemming from my natural love for literature and the arts. Whilst some would group writing in the same 'pigeon-hole' as homework, the expressive nature of this action allowed me to channel thoughts and feelings I developed as life progressed. Moreover, I believe my passion for writing has made me more versatile in my studies, effectively giving me a key to a door that not everyone could open.

I am currently in the process of writing my own supernatural book entitled 'The Forgotten Ones'. This independently constructed project has been the main focus of my leisure time during the past year. The inspiration for this project stems from a genuine love and affinity I have with the supernatural genre, particularly Game of Thrones and Harry Potter. Although mainstream media pieces, they have dominated the landscape of my adolescence. In successive years (2016 and 2017), I was very humbled and grateful to have won 'The Media Studies Award', in recognition of my effort in the subject. In this case, the award was for making a movie poster and creating a storyline behind it. This is one reason why I have always thoroughly enjoyed studying Media, as it enables me to unleash my creativity into my own work.

I remember meeting John Harris, the author of 'The Geat' and 'Charlie's Key', two very entertaining children's books from an author I very much admire. He inspired me to continue with my dream of having a book published. Having been rejected from many publishers until one finally took a chance on him, he told us, "You just have to keep trying. If you give up, you're not caring enough for it". This piece of advice resonated with me as it reflects my own personal beliefs in never giving up without giving my personal best.

Perhaps John Harris would agree with me when I say that children are the most important people to write books for. In terms of my experience in this field, I have worked in both a primary school and a nursery, of which both experiences have given me a range of life skills as well as fuelling my desire to write for a much younger demographic.

Expanding on this, due to the technological advances placed upon us, less and less children seem to be picking up books. Instead, they seem to be more interested in social media. For myself, having grown up with books, I have learned many life lessons - many of which I still apply to myself today. Most notably, 'Noughts and Crosses', by the inspiring female writer, Malorie Blackman OBE, gave me another look into racism and oppression as the roles reversed with African citizens gaining a technological and organisational advantage over European citizens. Indeed, the power of literature can have a seismic effect on contemporary culture and I have always seemed to especially enjoy books that women have written, showing how important a strong female protagonist can be to the younger generation.

Books such as Suzanne Collins','The Hunger Games', which shows young teenage girls how women can play the stronger, more dominant role rather than the 'damsel in distress' can inspire more women to be more confident and independent - and even to become writers themselves.

With consideration to the above, I do believe that I can excel in this course and it will be a great opportunity for me to branch out and discover new approaches to writing. I look forward to pursuing further studies in Creative Writing at undergraduate level with the aim of embarking on an interesting career with creativity at its heart.

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