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Earth is an ecosystem consisting of uncountable amount of substances, organisms and climatic changes, and of fragile relations between all of them. As a slight increase of global temperature causes great changes around the world, like melting of humongous ice glaciers which lead to flooding areas many miles away, as cutting of few trees may cause significant change in the population of one type of animal which destroys balance between other kinds living in the same forest, thus the human world today consists of the same political ecosystem with both fragile and strong relationships between different nations, countries and people themselves.

My personal interest with politics developed quite recently, in the IB Diploma Programme, in which I began my studies in 2007, and the MUN classes which started at the second year of my study were the main reasons which pushed me towards this direction. Originally however, my interest lied in European History, mostly however with Nazism and Communism, partially due to my polish background. In my family both of my parents are well educated in these topics and from my early years I went through many conversations and debates at home, later on about more modern issues as well. As far as studies of the past fascinated me, along with my participation in MUN classes it widened towards present times as well. By going through few outside events my interest increased as well. Swedish UN Youth Camp in the autumn 2009 which also included interaction activities as well as Stockholm Model United Nations in which I was only management aid, but which was a summit of international students to dispute about problems of women rights, drugs and outside interventions in Afghanistan, both gave me a good piece of idea how does the organization work and experience of a process of political discussion.

My discussion skills as well as knowledge and many of my past social and spiritual superstitions were also amended, due to the fact that IB is an international program, many of my friends from higher classes and my own were of many different traditions and religions. Many discussions about Koran and Islam among other subjects, gave me a wider scope of religious views and differences between and the both religions, and these differences made it all more interesting to discuss the matter even more, like intriguing example of scientific knowledge preached by Mohammad, which modern scientists proved or even discovered in the last one or two centuries. My fascination made me as well accompany my friends to the mosque to see for myself and experience how does the prayer performed few times a day look like. These acts were driven by the hunger for knowledge, which as well as interest for politics I developed only recently.

This late development of interest in outside world caused many consequences which originated from underestimation of the amount of effort one needs to follow his ambitions, which I myself have suffered when I was unable to obtain place at universities of my choice, but now, learning from my own mistakes I plan to correct these problems. My wish is to study International Relations and Politics at university and my current work on improving my grades as well as hunger for knowledge driving me forward as never before give me hope for ability of being able to obtain the right amount of points this time to reach my goal of my studies.

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This personal statement was written by FlyOfDarkness for application in 2011.

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FlyOfDarkness's Comments

This is my first draft for personal statement for my university UCAS application.

My experience with written self presentation is not very great, that is why by presenting my work here, I hope to receive a lot of insight about the mistakes made while writing this statement, and as much ideas to amend them successfully.

The harsher the approach towards my work is, the better.
I wish for the opinions to be as objective as possible.


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