International Relations and Politics Personal Statement Example 1

Since childhood, I have been fascinated by the constantly changing world that we live in, wanting to understand and explore the causes and effects of current and future human interactions. During my teenage years I started listening to the BBC World Service and reading internationally recognized journals and magazines.

I have become convinced that a third level education relevant to world affairs would help me gain knowledge that would allow me to pursue a wide range of possibilities. My current career ambition is to find a suitable role within an international organisation, such as the UN, ideally with specific focus on assisting people who have been displaced due to civil unrest, war, famine or other natural disaster.

I was born in Australia to a family of political refugees who had escaped communist Czechoslovakia. After my country’s Velvet Revolution, my family returned to Prague, the capital of a then newly formed democracy. This radical change helped to widen my perspective and see the world from a different point of view. Today I am a bi-national avid traveler, having visited more than 40 countries. I have attended six exchange programmes with partner schools: one in Sweden, one in Germany and four in France.

I have also been on two volunteer programmes with Earthwatch, firstly being in Spain, where we helped gather information to design marine protected areas and then in Tanzania, helping to determine the impact of forest fragmentation through monitoring rainforest bird populations.

The Tanzanian expedition in particular was an eye opener, not only because of the local cultural differences and the poverty, but also because of the amount of teamwork and hardship we had to face living in a remote area like the Usambara Mountains. The experience also made me aware of how foreign countries and NGOs are helping to alleviate the poverty in Tanzania.

At school, my position as the only girl in my class has ensured that I have maintained a somewhat independent approach to my studies. I have chosen a broad range of subjects for my Final Exams, not only because I like challenges, but also because I believe I will obtain a lot of all-around knowledge and skills from them: Mathematics and Physics have helped me understand the physical and abstract world around me, while Czech and English have shown the beauty of literature, which has become a great passion for me, Herman Hesse being my favourite author. I currently represent my school in the Prague Model of the United Nations, where I am I delegate for Germany in the Third Committee.

Aside from academia, I have a passion for a number of hobbies. Ever since I first visited Egypt, as a 12 years old, I have enjoyed egyptology, with all the facts and mysteries surrounding it. I enjoy the arts in many aspects opera has a special place for me, as my mother was, in her youth one of Czechoslovakia’s most promising opera singers. I also enjoy Photography, particularly black and white. I held a small exhibition of my work in Prague last year. As a child I enjoyed ballet, and even competed in local events.

Now, sports have become more important to me: while being in the Czech Quiksilver Snowboarding team, I have achieved commendable results in freestyling contests on a national level. I am looking forward to improve my technique and hope to participate in international competitions.

Every summer I spend at least one month in France perfecting my French. Apart from speaking fluent French, English, Czech and Slovak, I have been studying German at school and have also been trying to self-study Hebrew. I am a active member of Mensa,, Greenpeace and the Czech–Japanese association.

I look forward to the challenges and opportunities that studying in the UK will present. I value very greatly the chance to be a part of such a reknowned institution as your college is, and I believe that in some small way I may add to its whole, through my personality, work effort and experiences to date.

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This personal statement was written by Rikku.

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King's College London
School of Oriental and African Studies
School of Oriental and African Studies
School of Oriental and African Studies
London School of Economics

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Seriously!! I know you are

Seriously!! I know you are meant to big yourself up but come on surely this persons lying - what about personal statements for us normal people!!

Sounds good

I definately think this person wasn't lying. My personal statement will probably look a lot like this one. It is possible! I like the simple structure, it makes it easy to follow. Just a little too much focus on activities instead of what really defines you.

She managed to do 6 exchange

She managed to do 6 exchange schemes?


Excellent!!! she’s proablly telling the truth but the admissions tutors reading it will prbally say “cobblers” NEXT!! ..

I can't believe she got

I can't believe she got rejected by LSE!
The PS obviously prove that she is a very interesting & committed student.

Impressive indeed...

Impressive indeed...
My main criticism would be of the last sentence; "such a reknowned institution as your college is" sounds insincere and sycophantic.

Omg! This is exactly like my

Omg! This is exactly like my personal statement i am currently writing atm. I am really interested in Third World Politics and have talked about how my visit to Tanzania last year has fully inspired me to study the!

this personal statement is

this personal statement is really good - however, i think it probably exhibits how much money the student has more than anything - i think very few people have visited 40 countries or gone on 6 exchange programmes!

Something missing

While I think your statement is impressive in fact very impressive, I feel you lack a humility. I know that personal statements are about "bigging yourself up" but I think you need to acknowledge the fact that money and opporuntunities have come easily to you. Maybe use the word opporuntity or say that you were lucky or honoured to be picked for thses exchanges- i think its important that an addmissions tutor likes you i dont mean as a person per se but sees in you a willingness to learn not that jsut sees the univiesty as a step to your career in the UN

May I ask for which courses

May I ask for which courses you applied at SOAS? Thank you.

Very very impressive. 6

Very very impressive. 6 exchange schemes is incredible


I just finished my personal statement........and now i'm throwing it in the trash. Thanx.

I think this girl does not

I think this girl does not understand that lying will not help her to get a place... or maybe I am just jealous!

I would reccomend every one to apply somewhere in Wales, so I can increase my chances!

well she's in....

well she's in....

there is not enough time in

there is not enough time in the day for half of these things to go on. when does she chill out?

That's impressive but she

That's impressive but she really places too much emphasis on what she has done and where she has been, rather than what she will do or what she really finds interesting-there is little insight and although she is clearly incredibly committed and courageous I don't think that somebody should necessarily be given extra credit just because theyve been to 40 countries and listen to opera-she needed to relate these more closely to her interests in politics and international relations with a bit more insght, otherwise she just seems really rich, and priveliged-i know I haven't had access to the things that she has, so why should i be punished for it? Similarly, why should she be rewarded? They say a lot for her charachter, but academically a little more insight and focus would have really rounded off the statement.

this is an excellent

this is an excellent statement, well structured......... what do i do now

it is interesting that the

it is interesting that the writer comes from a former communism nation and escapes with her family because of the non-freedom.however,can this special experience serve as proof that the writer should be accepted?

kul! .......but

i think its kul but sure we need something real

Another Flavour

this simply goes to show that real life experience, whether got through hard work or the luck of your birth really goes towards what makes an impressive personal statement. i don't doubt for a second all of the claims Rikku, the japanese-czech, refugee, citizen of the modern world makes. she's had more opportunities to indulge her love of the international than anyone i know or have heard of. yet i think equality of opportunities, when it comes down to it, are irrelevant. of two candidates, she is the one with the proven, concrete international credentials and interest. to an admissions tutor this is immediately interesting. in a department that depends on diversity to remain in touch with international affairs, she will add another flavour to the students around her as well as the academics teaching her. her life seems to qualify her for the degree in international relations course; doubtless her grades simply confirm her suitability, rather than create the basis for it.

I'm applying to the same and

I'm applying to the same and very similar courses e.g. Politics and Arabic at SOAS.

What grades did you get?

is there any1 out there with

is there any1 out there with a normal statment?????????

International relations in King's College London?

Hi, I think this is a terrific personal statement but I was just wondering... It says on the side bar that you were offered a place in King's College London, do they even offer a course study for International Relations? I also want to take int. relations, but I didn't find any courses indicating the King's have any int. relations course...

IR? not happening

I feel about this big >>*squishes fingers*


OK, seriously.. this was like... wow! if it is all true (which I believe it is) you are my role-model. The bad thing is that a lot of things you have done I have done too (exchange, volunteering). I am also multilingual and even have connections to Czech Rep. I would definitely cut out that bit about your mother. It is irrelevant cos it is not about you. You probably wanted to suggest that you must be a terribly good singer.
And my explanation why you was not offered a place on LSE? They are looking for passion rather than knowledge. They want to teach you, not to listen to your experience. They might have thought that you are kind of over-educated in the area. Well, I would not offer you a place bcs I would probably think that you have done more than our future students will manage to do during their 3 year degree. What I mean is that you do not a degree - you probably already know enough.

From jay

Yeas lots of good stuff but theirs very little about the course itself thats what will lead people to think its all made up!

this is a very interesting

this is a very interesting read if its true!

ok, how can anybody have that

ok, how can anybody have that amount of applicable qualities? and achievements? and language? how are normal, underachieving people meant to be inspired by that?

i love it

hi ,

i never read a such a personal statement like this,well done rukki

I really enjoy reading your

I really enjoy reading your motivation and background in international relations.Tunde Fajimbola,Nigeria.

When looking at your offers

When looking at your offers it would be usefel to know what grades you got as well



Amazing achievements! If only

Amazing achievements! If only all of us were wealthy enough to afford 'french-perfecting' jaunts to Europe every summer. What a load of pretentious drivel! Less about you and your cash, more about the course, and maybe LSE would have considered you.


It may be a good statement to please the university, However this is something that can also reduce the chances for other people to be given a place. as not everyone can apply to a UNIVERSITY In first place with this good writing if no one wrote for you. Think about leaving College to Uni

Problem ?

She did four exchanges in France without apparently taking French at her Final Exams ?

very bad. how can a student

very bad. how can a student like this get a chance in kings!!!!

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