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Throughout my life, I have been fascinated but also deeply fearful of the power that politicians around the world possess. Having grown up in the years following Lithuania's departure from the Soviet Union and joining the European Union, I have observed how imperative it is that political decisions should be made responsibly. This is because they directly regulate our rights, affects our quality of life, as well as shaping the future and the environment around us. Analysing global political and economical issues and actions intended to solve them has made Politics my biggest passion and hobby. It is now my major aim to further my understanding whilst studying Politics and International Relations at University.

I believe responsibility, determination and perseverance are essential for an aspiring politician. These character traits have helped me with all of my personal achievements. I consider my first major achievement to have occurred in my early teens when I self-taught Japanese. Constant independent research and basic knowledge of the language made a significant impact not only on my understanding of Japanese culture and tight bonds between it, the language and foreign affairs of Japan, but also the affairs of the whole Asian region. This ignited my passion for Politics and development as an independent, determined learner, willing to work diligently in order to fulfil my ambitions.

Ardent participation in political simulations allowed me to further my interest in Politics. Being an active member of Lithuanian Model European Parliament (MEP) and Model United Nations (MUN) communities was the best tool to broaden my political insightfulness and gain priceless knowledge about issues concerning the EU and the global community as well as an experience of decision making towards them myself. After a year of enthusiastic contribution and improvement I achieved my goal of representing Lithuania as the head of the delegation in both, MEP and MUN prestigious international sessions in Madrid and St. Petersburg. Simulating European Parliament's committee's work taught me the importance of compromising in order for a team to work efficiently.

The resolution writing and defending required critical thinking and a vast of research as well as an ability to make fast yet sustainable decisions. Practicing diplomacy in MUN gave me a different perspective on foreign relations, a detailed view of the purposes of actions made by politicians. I began to follow current affairs on BBC, Al Jazeera and The Economist daily in order to collect more information about the world's vital issues and better predict upcoming events and actions, therefore significantly improving my performance in the committees. Work there was a highly enjoyable activity; while reacting to given crises I learnt to act rational and calm even in the most stressful situations. It required a lot of preparation to write the position papers, create strategies and persuasive speeches to implement them to win multiple best delegate and best position paper awards. Participation in these projects has been extremely beneficial to my development as a junior politician.

The urge to share my knowledge and experience led me towards being selected to preside committees at regional and national MEP levels; joining my school's student council and founding a debating club at my school. All of these activities gave me invaluable experience of leadership, time management and organisation, as well as an opportunity to facilitate the growth of others. These skills I consider to be transferable to my forthcoming studies.

I will certainly bring the same enthusiasm and motivation to the university community as I have had in my extra-curricular activities. I regard higher-education to be pivotal in achieving my life goal of becoming an ambitious politician, assisting in solving vital issues.

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