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I have always been interested in the way politics shapes the world and current affairs. Through my quest to understand the nature of corruption, altruism, driving force of conflict and the nature of capitalism I have encountered various ideologies. I often blamed religion for causing conflict and poverty. However I have come to believe that though people may state 'in the name of god' to justify their digressions, religious ideology is a downstream effect of fundamentally political issues.

Raised in London by parents of Turkish origin, I have often been affected by cultural differences. This has assisted me in understanding the similarities and differences between western and near Middle Eastern politics and cultures. Middle Eastern politics is my primary area of interest as my historical awareness of the region allows me to engage in the conflicts it faces. However, I feel that improving my knowledge of the contemporary history of the region would help me to better understand the events occurring.

Having relatives who are graduates of Political Science I have always been interested in politics and have tried to participate in as many political debates as possible. I try to widen my spectrum of knowledge on political theory by reading such books as: Our Common Interest; Political Liberalism (John Rawls); Society Must be Defended (Michel Foucault) and Political Writings (John Locke). Participating in seminars with guest speakers Boris Johnson, Alistair Campbell and Peter Walker, I was able to analyse how politics works in practice.

Working at the Turkish embassy through the election period allowed me to further analyse the reaches of the political sphere as well as signifying the contribution of pressure to my working performance. My organization skills also proved to be useful when arranging meetings between diplomats and the ambassador.

A reoccurring issue I encountered was Turkey's potential entry to the European Union; an issue which held relevance at a conference between Turkish MPs and academics which I had attended. My primary perception was the extent to which the benefits of the EU, were, in my opinion exaggerated. I believe that Turkey's entry would be militarily strategic, the policy's required for turkey to embody would enhance living standards, Free Trade in Europe would also be economically advantageous. However, with consideration of opposition such as Sarkozy, I would say that Turkey's geographical positioning, and it's religion would disadvantage the countries acceptance into the EU.

During the summers of 2002-06 I taught English and Drama in an orphanage for children who lost their parents in the Adapazari earthquake. Teaching and caring for the children required three main skills, patience, perseverance and prudence, all of which I improved through my experience. The devastation visible in such natural disasters highlights the role of governmental preparation and contingency planning in the prevention of hazard realization.

I have always been and continue to be a keen thespian. Among my numerous performances I most enjoyed scripting and performing a 17th Century stage version of Hogarth's painting: Gin Lane. Through pursuing theatrics as a passion since age three, I have acquired confidence, the ability to listen and to express. The demands of producing a play are immense and success is only achieved through shared responsibility and dedication of the entire cast. Similar principles are applicable to my orchestral activities, playing the Clarinet and Piano since a young age has demanded strong commitment and discipline. The ability to work in teams, respect others and share ideas is not only essential to an effective government but also is a basic requirement in any business or establishment.

Studying for my A levels taught me key skills such as prioritising, practicality, organisation and self motivation, these skills are transferable to my future course or career.

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This personal statement was written by tink22 for application in 2008.

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It took me ages to do this! i ended up sacrificing work for my a levels which is never a good thing. my politics teacher sent it back sooo many times but as i kept redrafting it, i found that it kept loosing its character and often found myself looking at my first draft for inspiration. it got there in the end, i dont think its great but it's done the job. i got conditional offers from warwick bristol york soas and birmingham. all of my offers... but have decided to not accept any! and completely change my course... so for it not to go to waste i have graced it to your eyes! :D hope its useful.


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Its a really pleasent

Its a really pleasent personal statement. I can understand why you got the offers, btw what did you change to?????

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