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As I belong to two cultures and two countries by birth : France and Romania,I have been aware from a very young age of how,we,humans being are all different from one another and I find it fascinating on a daily basis. Throughout the course of my education,travels and experiences,all my interests finally converged to create this course.

I have understood that I wanted to learn what makes us human and how we have managed to build that structured world with all our differences. I have also understood that I needed a program that captivates me
but which doesn't restrain my interests and focuses.

Over the "literary section" I had the privilege to follow courses that became exciting to me.Through literature , history , philosophy , and an introduction to political science I had the opportunity to explore many aspects of what characterised human beings.

This path has really prepared me to the study level of university as I have strived to excel upon these subjects. It gave me the chance to acquire a strong work ethic and it has permitted me to develop my critical eye on different topics. In addition,I met inspiring people with whom i have developed my visions and opinions on diverse issues in debates. For all those reasons I know I chose the right section.

My early approach to anthropology and international relations began when, two years ago, I started learning Romanian as a further approach of my background. Then I started looking at the world differently,as a giant puzzle.

Besides, I began to study in-depth the history of Europe and I was intensely interested in each country's nationalism. I perceive that when we understand each country's identity every relation between states appears clearer.

Thus I have decided to broaden my horizons thanks to books and films. 'Race and history' by the French anthropologist and philosopher Levi Strauss is one of the books that has clarified the path I wanted to follow. 'Mapping Human History: Genes,Race and Our Common Origins' by Steve Olson is also a book that has permitted me to extend the vision I had of humanity.

Both books provided me different aspects of what it is like to study human beings. As I am a cinema-lover I see films as a unique approach to humans and life. 'Harmony Lessons' and 'Samsara' are just examples from a long list of films that has marked me greatly. I think cinema has taken a huge place in people's lives and that its role will get even bigger throughout this century.

Being chosen to represent my country with two other students for the World School 2014 was one of the most important parts of my life. It was an eye-opening experience as it took place in Vladivostok. I had the opportunity to discover a brand new lifestyle there in the extreme west of Russia near Japan and Korea. I found myself captivated by this country and by this particular city and its own particular culture and history.

Being a guest in a Russian family was the best way to find out more about Russian culture. I also had the privilege to discover worldwide cultures from the other participants.We were reunited to debate and share ideas in the ideal of creating projects together despite our differences. My interest in people has never stopped growing since.

I grant importance to the extra curricular activities I follow. I've dedicated myself to African dance for three years now,and I played the piano for ten years.

Both activities taught me perseverance and opened myself up to new perspectives. Moreover,being a class representative added to my skills and therefore was a crucial experience in the realization of the person I am today. I will be proud to bring my visions and individuality to your university.

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I've applied for dual degrees and combined flexible honours.

Durham combined honours (anthropology, international relations and human sciences)
Exeter combined courses (anthropology , international relations and film studies)
Birmingham (anthropology and political science)
Kent (social anthropology and international relation)
St andrew (film studies and social anthropology)

It was quite difficult to do a personal statement that could correspond to those different courses but writing and rewriting it helped me find logical links between those courses.


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