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Holistically, Anthropology is deemed 'the study of what makes us human'. The broad open-minded approach, which encompasses a range of subfields and merges both empirical study and theory is attractive to me as it is unrestrained and has useful real world application. Anthropological studies challenge the pre-defined constraints of the cultural and social normalities in set societies, allowing you to think outside the beliefs conditioned within us since birth. The challenging nature of Anthropology gives you the opportunity to see past the 'monochrome' view of societies and into a world brimming with colour. Throughout the entirety of my short life, truthfully, I have only observed the world through the biased monochrome lens of Western society and I yearn to see the world for what it truly is: colourful, beautiful and diverse. I believe Anthropology will teach me how to accomplish this.

Sixth-form study has benefitted me greatly, allowing me to develop and broaden many skills especially those of determination and self-motivation, which will help in my chosen course. Through taking Classical Civilisation I have gained valuable insight into the culture and society of the Ancient Greek World; a society that contributed to the development of many crucial aspects of the modern world, such as democracy, formed through the initial ideas of the Greek poleis systems. Classics has enabled me to see past my modern eyes and into a previous society, allowing me to witness beliefs and values such as Kleos and Xenia that are so different from modern values fuelled by Western society. Studying Psychology at A level has enlightened me to the processes and intricacies of the human mind; the subject has also given me the responsibility of working with younger year groups as a Psychology captain. The combination of Psychology and Classics has significantly enriched and enhanced my writing skills as both subjects have increased my perceptiveness and ability to critically analyse texts and sources. Studying Mathematics has encouraged the development of my analytical mind and has also heightened my patience and increased my determination to develop and formulate the true solution to various problems.

Outside of school and academia I enjoy listening to a variety of music, reading different texts and genres and keeping fit by regularly attending the gym and being a member of a netball team. Additionally, I have completed the Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award which enabled me to gain new experiences and skills through volunteering at a local charity shop for six months and participating in an expedition. Duke of Edinburgh, alongside netball, has aided the development of my teamwork and leadership skills as well as giving me greater confidence. Due to my love of reading and interest in Anthropology, I recently came across the book 'Origins' by R. E Leakey and R. Lewin. The book delves into the 'Emergence of our species and its possible future', elegantly contemplating the complex evolution of the prehistoric ape-like animals and questions how humans developed from such primitive creatures. I thoroughly enjoyed reading 'Origins' and have purchased other books such as 'Debt: The First 5,000 Years' to further my knowledge in the vast subject of Anthropology. Upon completion of 'Origins' I realised that it is Biological Anthropology that I am particularly fascinated by and I, like Leakey, frequently find myself thinking about the complexities of man's origins and the evolutionary circumstances that have shaped us into the highly sophisticated creatures we have become.

As a determined, open-minded and inquisitive student I have come to the realisation that I must delve into this topic further as I find it incredibly beautiful and fascinating. Studying man will not only enlighten me on who I am as an individual, it will also help me to develop a universal understanding of humans across time and I cannot think of a more exhilarating subject to study.

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