Archaeology and Anthropology Personal Statement Example 1

For as long as I can remember, I have been skilled and deeply interested in areas of both the sciences and humanities, particularly in human evolution, history and geography. A course in Anthropology and/or Archaeology is therefore perfect for me in that the subject matter fascinates me, and that the course will utilise many of the skills I have learned and developed throughout my education. I am confident that my determination and drive for success will stand me in good stead for a successful university education, hopefully leading to a career in Anthropological or Archaeological research.

Although I have already travelled to the USA and France, this has only fuelled my desire to explore human culture, and indeed the world. My interests in human development were furthered particularly by my visits to Arizona, where I was intrigued by the Navaho culture. The contrast their culture and Western society astounded me, and the importance of material culture to social identity was really brought home to me. I am also particularly interested in evolutionary anthropology, and the anthropology of gender and sexuality. In Britain, I have spent much time visiting hill forts, ancient monuments and other historical sites, further developing my interest in the evolution of human society from past to present. At Hadrian’s Wall, I was able to observe open excavations of the Roman baths, and many intriguing artefacts in the museums.

Over the summer, I took the initiative and organised work experience in the Biology department of the **** University, with Dr. ****. I was able to observe research in process, as well as learning some of the science behind techniques such as FACS and PCR. I also hope to secure a work experience placement at the Natural History Museum in London, later this year. The opportunities I have seized, and in fact created for myself, show that I have independence, motivation, and a drive to succeed.

At school, I am a Prefect, and last year I helped to run a very successful Comedy Club for the lower years. I have also been involved in the school literacy campaign, through weekly Paired Reading with a less able student, and I am currently working towards my 100 hour certificate for Millennium Volunteers. Through these activities, I have learned and developed communication, teamwork, and organisational skills that will no doubt prove to be of great value throughout higher education and the rest of my career. Last year I was awarded a certificate at the school Prize Giving for my achievements in Science.

I have recently taken up AS-Level Maths, on top of four A2-Levels, as I believe it will help develop my logic skills, and assist with my science-based subjects. During Chemistry & Biology lessons, I am often involved in group work, and as part of my Media Studies course, I worked in a small group to produce a short documentary on the inhabitants of a local village, which received critical acclaim from a local moviemakers association.

I am an avid reader, enjoying both non-fiction works on topics such as genetics and human evolution among others, and fiction, particularly the works of Oscar Wilde. I also have plans to travel as I wish to experience some more of the many diverse peoples and cultures of the world, and next year I shall be going on a skiing holiday to Switzerland with my school, ****. I have recently joined the school band as a member of the choir, as I am keen to develop my musical skills. I am also very interested in learning a language, and will most likely take advantage of any opportunities offered by your institution.

The diverse social and cultural mix of university is very much something I look forward to, as I believe that it will certainly be an interesting and eye-opening experience. I feel that this course would give me the opportunity to broaden my understanding and knowledge of human beings and societies, their history and development.

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This personal statement was written by DePfeffel for application in 2005.

DePfeffel's university choices
The University of Birmingham
The University of Durham
The University of Edinburgh
Oxford University
The University of Reading
University of St Andrews

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The one I actually submittted was a little different from this, but more or less the same. I have offers from Birmingham and Reading already (november), and I'm still waiting to hear from Durham (1st Choice), Edinburgh, Oxford, and St. Andrews. Fingers crossed!


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Hats off


Your statement really is a winning one. I can only wish to match it

No, no, no...

I agree with the other comment regarding the opening lines. Such an awful cliche.

"For as long as I can

"For as long as I can remember" - well considering that memory develops in the first three years of childhood, that is a very strange claim to make.

I don't know... you said that

I don't know... you said that he's surely a strong candidate, but he just received offers from 2 uni, not even the bests os all his choices...


I think that it sounds too much like a list of your acheivements ... but you have done a lot. im sooo stuck on my one right now :( Good luck to you in the future ^.^

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