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One of the main reasons why Sociology is of interest to me is that it studies the differences among social groups and in the society around us. I believe it is essential to understand how society works in order to blend with it and be a part of it.

I have noticed people need to feel they belong somewhere in order to feel happy and secure. Every one of us has their own group to which they belong to and that makes them feel self-possessed. I would like to study further on this matter and find out why we depend so much on others in order to achieve our goals.

Schopenhauer once thought that man is a selfish and individualistic creature that all our actions are for our own welfare.

So why are we trying to maintain an appearance in front of others when all we can think about is ourselves? At this course I think I will be able to find an answer to this question and study the cause more deeply.

Because Sociology deals with world problems such as politics, racism, education and culture, poverty, crime and because I am a part of this world I think it is my duty to understand these aspects in order to understand the world I live in. Therefore I can say that Sociology affects me personally and will provide me with a deeper insight into these complex issues of society and life.

I am also interested in how and where the term of society began and how it has developed through the years becoming what it is now. For this reason I have decided to take on a combined honour with Anthropology.

In general I am an open minded person; I am open to new things because I believe that you can learn a lot from doing a lot. That is why in my free time I enjoy doing various activities from sports, to reading, photography, acting and singing. I played volleyball for three years at a local sports club named “CSS Bega Timisoara”.

I have been named team captain in secondary school and continued with this sport up to college when I joined the Theatre Club. Here I have learned what it means to work hard for what you want to work with a group of people and at the same time what it means to be in charge of a group of people. In dealing with all of these matters I have gained social abilities, I have expanded my horizons and I have developed organizational skills.

Through this group I had the chance to travel around the country to different theatre festivals where in a week of hard work and training I became aware of my personal skills and at the same time, together with my friends,understood the importance of a group and how a group should work to achieve their goals.

Theatre forces you to evolve individually and at the same time it strengthens the bond between you and the group. I dare to say that this experience has been the most important one in my life until now because it has changed me and made me a better person. It made me realize what humanity is all about.

The reason why I have decided to study this course in England is because in my country the subject of Sociology has not yet become well known and due to this aspect I cannot pursue higher education in this specialization.

Moreover, England has always fascinated me because of its atmosphere,history, art and its organized life. I had the chance to visit England last year and experienced a totally different environment from the one I am used to. I noticed how well everything is organized and I believe the main cause for that is because everyone minds their duties thoroughly and everyone knows their place in society.

At present I am putting all my effort into my studies so that I can pass my exams with good grades and be able to continue with my next target in education.

I understand that university life is different from the high school one, that it is more challenging but I am determined to face up to these challenges knowing they will help me achieve my potential. I hope that this application indicates that I am ready to learn and explore this subject thoroughly and that I am a promising candidate.

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Sociology and Antropology at The University of Aberdeen


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