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Admittedly my interest in politics was piqued in an English Literature lesson when we were reading JB Priestley’s ‘An Inspector Calls’. I was inspired by Priestley’s encouragement to consider that we as humans are “members of one body. We are responsible for each other.” This ideology struck a chord with me, and inspired me to want to study a course that could ultimately lead me on a path to improving the world for so many people. I was brought up with a taste for history and politics by my father who grew up in Belfast during the Troubles in the 1960s. I always wondered how humans could treat one another so deplorably, so I was inspired to make sure that events such as the Troubles never happen again. Furthermore I have been fortunate to travel to many varied countries such as South Africa and Israel from a young age. I believe this sparked my love of travel and my curiosity of how other countries are run and the impact this has on the people who live there.

I have studied subjects that I believe have helped me develop the skills needed for the study of politics and international relations studying government and politics, History and English Literature. Studying Government and Politics has opened my mind to international political issues, especially in American politics this year. I believe that my love of history is important to the course, as I feel that we need to look back on the mistakes of the past to build a stronger future. There are strong international aspects such as my Russian history paper, but the focus is ultimately political as reflected in my chosen study on revolutionary and constitutional nationalism in Ireland. Similarly I have chosen to write my global perspectives essay on political extremism In Europe.

In October 2015 I attended the Model International Criminal Court in Poland with around 50 other young people from across Europe. We recreated cases of the MICC and I was part of the prosecution team in the recreation of the case against musician Simon Bikindi who was convicted with incitement to commit genocide due to his role in the Rwandan genocide. I am also an alumni of the European Youth Parliament and I have successfully competed in regional and national sessions where I have debated and drafted resolutions for the EU on terrorism states and the role the EU should take in the migrant crisis.
I have also facilitated the first model EU in the North West at Liverpool town hall, chairing the debates and organised events.
My interest in politics has been fed further by my attendance of debates and lectures by the likes of John Bercow, Andy Burnham and Owen Jones. Attending these political conferences versed me in the discourse of modern politics. I frequently attend panel discussions hosted by the University of Liverpool in Irish politics. Attending the Human Rights and Peace Keeping summer school at Queens University Belfast was a fantastic experience that allowed me to discuss my questions on political conflict in areas such as Ireland and Palestine with current academics.

I have been a cadet with St. John Ambulance for 6 years. As well as receiving high levels of first aid training, I have also been taught leadership skills and the ability to stay calm and collected in situations with high levels of stress and having to formulate swift solutions that could ultimately save a person’s life

Ultimately when I think about why I want to study international politics it’s because I believe that during this politically turbulent time, you can either observe and criticise or participate and make a difference.

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Edited first draft, I've used about 3600 characters. Any feedback would be great!
I'm applying to Queens Belfast, Birmingham, Glasgow, Southampton and York.


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