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Some argue that nations work to increase their own power relative to other nations, where they must always seek power to protect themselves. Others may argue that nations share broad ties, thus making it difficult to define singular independent international interests. While there may be no definitive formula for how nations interact with each other, it is one of my greatest interests to analyze the many foreign relationships a nation could hold.

This interest began forming in my tenth grade Honors World History course, where analyzing the rise and fall of ancient Rome mesmerized me. In AP US History, studying the different approaches the English, French, and Spanish took when interacting with the natives of the new world furthered this interest and showed me how a nation’s culture influences their foreign interactions. In AP Government, studying modern politics — like the Brexit deal — developed this interest into a passion. Furthermore, my current advisor often turns to me to bring a thorough and sophisticated analysis of politics.

Being one of the captains of my debate team for the past year has taught me how to organize my thoughts efficiently under pressure. For example, when my partner and I were tasked with formulating a hypothetical plan for dissolving NAFTA, I took charge and we ultimately delivered an argument that earned us a spot as an alternate for nationals.

Additionally, being the president of my school’s Junior Scholars of America has taught me how to analyze modern politics as a group, where our supervisor relies on me to lead discussions.

However, my interest spans beyond the formalities of how governments interact with each other to the relationship between people and their government. As the founder of my school’s Promoting Awareness & Victim Empowerment club (PAVE), working with a group of strong-willed individuals in conjunction with my observations of the Me Too movement brought me insight as to how social revolutions influence governmental policies.

At the University level, I plan to study how different nations and governments interact with each other and how these interactions result in international turmoil or cohesion. After this, I will take this knowledge and pursue a career in an international political organization, like the European Union.

As someone born and raised in the United States, I believe my observations of current national and international affairs would help my study in the United Kingdom. Because my interest in politics naturally grew with the 2016 presidential election, I have been able to observe extremely partisan politics while prominent political figures often sugarcoat their feelings on controversial ideas.

In fact, watching the British Parliament laugh during Theresa May’s recent speech defending the Brexit Deal was the tipping point in my desire to obtain a post-secondary education in the UK because this behavior, in my opinion, was a testament to the candid nature of British politics. From Watergate to Benghazi, scandals in the US run rampant, so this honesty was — in a sense — refreshing and solidified my desire to pursue a political education and career in the UK.

Ergo, I believe my direct experiences with partisan politics in the US and my success in secondary school have adequately prepared me to undertake an education in the UK.

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