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I was born in the 1990, when my country retrieved its independence and got its freedom from a long oppression of Russia. Later on this political and historical change of my country affected me so much that from a young age I started reading books on Lithuanians and world history. It let me see the past from a different perspective. I realised that understanding of the present demands understanding of the past. My involvement especially in the twentieth century world history made me keen on Politics and International Relations. Also, recently I have read book "Social theory of international relations" in order to extend my knowledge.

Since the age of 10 I have lived with my father. He is the person, who helped me to shape my personality and build up my character, so he is the highest authority for me. Although I have my own opinion on different political issues, I can't deny my father's influence on shaping my understanding of the surrounding world. Following in my father's footsteps I have always been interested in politics. I try to get closely acquainted with different party in programmes and their ideology in order to find out more about their plans in the future. But at the moment I support Social-Democratic ideas and I am involved in planning and arranging a lot of events in order to unite different people to mention dates, which are very important for our nation.

I am a sociable person, capable to come to compromises and I have always tried to do my best for other people. I am a member of my school parliament. My aims are to understand the situation at school and to contribute to a better management of my school. Also, in junior classes I participated in volunteer activities. I helped to manage elderly care homes, as well as help my first kindergarten teacher to manage the environment and interior of the kindergarten.

Last year I and a group of students from my school participated in the international contest "50 Years Together in Diversity" held by the Museum of Europe. The competition's aims were to raise awareness about European cultural values, the milestones of European integration and the 50 years of unity in diversity. Our team became the finalists. I gained a lot of valuable knowledge which is going to be useful for my future studies. Moreover, this year I and my class had an opportunity to participate in the youth project "Babilonas", which helped me to understand other people better, to work in a group and to feel responsibility for other people. Almost every year I participate in the contest of translations and this year was lucky for me, I won a diploma.

Having chosen A level in History, Lithuanian, English and Maths, I am trying to do my best in these subjects. However, I do not restrict myself only to these subjects. In my study programme there are other subjects which help me expand my knowledge in other areas. Also, I am studying one more foreign language Russian. I am sure nowadays it's essential to be able to speak more than one language. Having good knowledge of several foreign languages shows a person's sophistication.

As long as my life endures I have attended a lot of various activities, ranging from sports to arts. I want to improve myself in various ways. But mostly I was keen on handball, drawing and dancing. I was dancing Ballroom Dances for three years and participated in competitions.

In my opinion, studying Politics and International Relations requires a broad outlook to the world. I read newspapers daily and watch news to keep up to date with recent events. Studying abroad would extend my knowledge and would bring more challenges into my life. I wish I could study Politics and International Relations because I believe that it would give me a better insight into existing situation in the world and it would help me to find the best ways for subsequent nations development. I believe that the best wishes always come true.

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Good PS

Good PS
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Where did you apply to?


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