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The Korean peninsula has long been a site of international controversy and political dispute:once a site of an ideological battle between superpowers during the Cold War, it remains fractured on into the 21st century. Growing up in Korea, I became accustomed to hearing and participating in political discussions on a daily basis. I realized that, as a South Korean, understanding international politics and its role in the increasingly interdependent world was and would remain an indispensable part of my life. For this reason, I intend to read Politics and International Relations.

Under the influence of contradicting ideologies, Korea was split into two distinct states after World War II. The political and social schism between the South and the North was not merely bred by the political decisions of the Korean leaders, but the interests of greater world players in the Cold War. This phenomenon that reshaped and structured the present-day Korean peninsula sparked my interest in observing the significance and complexity of politics in international terms. The inspiration for my Extended Essay, in which I examine the Liancourt Rocks dispute between Japan and South Korea, also stems from my enthusiasm to learn more about the characteristics of diplomatic relations in Asia. The political interactions that form between nations propel me to scrutinize political journals such as "In the Arena" by Joe Klein in Time magazine.

My IB History and Economics courses equip me with the ability to analyze and synthesize information to form well-reasoned arguments. Both courses, along with English Language and Literature and Korean Literature, enhance my public speaking and communication skills, giving me the confidence and ability for active contribution to university discussions and presentations. Examining the effect of Soviet Occupation and the formation of the Taliban in Afghanistan while studying the Kite Runner was particularly engrossing. The wide scope of literature that I encounter during the two language courses increases my ability to interpret and think critically about a wide range of sources and texts. The Theory of Knowledge course, in which I am able to examine various knowledge issues in the social and natural sciences, is constantly developing my ability to tackle problems logically.

In addition to my academic programme, I enjoy participating in the performing arts, singing and expressing myself through music while interacting with a wide variety of audiences. In doing so, I have learned to manage time between schoolwork and my musical pursuits for more than 6 years. In particular, leading and working for various charity organizations have
prepared me well to read politics. I participated in fundraising activities for Habitat for Humanity and the Red Cross, which entailed building strong leadership and teamwork skills. I travelled to the suburbs in Romania to build homes with residents of the local community. Together with the locals, I strived to improve the community's living conditions by working on
various construction sites in the area, building walls and installing insulation systems. As much as the experience has been a source of great fulfillment, it helped me to gain a broader perspective of the socioeconomic issues in Romania and those of Eastern Europe. The opportunity to examine such issues from a unique perspective that differs from my own gave me
an invaluable life experience.

I aspire to represent South Korea in an international organization and aid its development of foreign policies. Studying in the UK will add diversity to my educational experience and broaden my understanding of the world through active participation with an international student body and staff, and I intend to reciprocate the favor by contributing to the diverse and stimulating university atmosphere. I look forward to three years of expanding my current knowledge and discovering new interests in international politics.

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Studential helped me a lot when I wrote this :) use it wisely and good luck!

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