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Through commonly accepted law, international organizations and sovereign nations establish and enforce vital laws and moral codes of conduct such as those relating to human and civil rights.

Yet, despite many ratified agreements relating to principles that are universally accepted throughout the world, human and civil rights remain threatened in industrialized nations as well as third world countries. Therefore, I feel that there is no better or more exciting time to pursue a degree in international relations and law.

I grew up in a multicultural, multilingual environment as the son of Ukrainian parents born in the United States and raised in Poland. I learned the English language while living in New Jersey, but spoke Ukrainian at home. Being exposed to two different languages was not an easy task for a young boy, which contributed to some of my early challenges in being able to express myself freely. At the age of seven my family and I moved to Poland.

Growing up, I learnt to value my background and appreciate the diverse cultures to which I have been exposed to. While to many people cultural differences may seem frightening, I see those differences as ways to admire the human race for its diversity and progress.

My participation in cherishing my cultural heritage has lead to my involvement in many cultural events in numerous cities around Europe; for instance I am an active member of the school choir. We performed for the presidents of Ukraine and Poland, and attended many festivals in Slovakia, Czech Republic and Austria.

Over the years I also took part in our school's folk dancing group. Since 2005 I have been a member of the Ukrainian Scouting organisation (PLAST) and have recently been promoted to a senior rank from within which I have organized several summer camps.

Thanks to these experiences I have grown as an individual and have greatly improved my communication and organizational skills.

Today I am a student in one of the few national minority schools in Poland, where some of the subjects are taught in Ukrainian. I have chosen a broad range of advanced level subjects for my final exams, including History, Social Sciences and English.

I have also been appointed the class leader from which I have gained a position of authority within my school community, offering guidance and help to younger students. Being a mentor has helped me learn to face up to new challenges and discover how to apply authority for the greater good of my school society.

The turning point of my life was the Orange Revolution. Watching the events unfold from a TV screen was incredibly exciting. All over the world Ukrainians and many activists in various countries united to prevent the fall of democracy in a free European country.

Basic civil rights such as free speech and free democratic elections were under threat. Being of Ukrainian descent and living in those times was exhilarating as this meant a new wave of changes were occurring not only to Ukraine itself, but to all of Eastern Europe. I look forward to a time when I can somehow contribute to the changes which began during the Orange Revolution.

It was at this moment I took a keen interest in the world of international affairs.

I strongly believe that my background and determination to be successful in my educational goals will make me an asset to your university. I will strive hard in the pursuit of my degree with the ultimate aim of using my passion and multicultural heritage to deepen my understanding of international relations and law.

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Very well

Well I think you well written the personal statement... I am also from Ukraine and study law...Well, I think Ukraine need to be proud of the people like you!!!

Best regards,


I think this a great personal

I think this a great personal statement! However I would leave out what subjects you take as this is already mentioned in another part of the application.

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