Politics and International Relations Personal Statement Example 1

Politics can be seen as essentially a convention inextricably linked to the birth of diversityand conflict,but it can also be seen as a willingness to co-operate and act collectively.Mypassion to study politics further is unrelenting.The current lack of political participationin modern society intrigues me.I am certain that over time, political participation hasdeteriorated due to society simply losing interest,therefore it is my desire to examine society closely and calculate why general political participation by the mass hascrumbled,most importantly,who the fault lies with.This is one of many reasons that I feelpolitics and international relations would be an excellent combination to study.

Studying Politics and International relations will enable me to combine a subjects which I have loved since being first introduced to Nigerian politics through my uncle who was a senator,conversations with him increased my interest for politics.As an enthusiastic and highly motivated student I would love to experience and face the challenges which such a prestigious course would offer me.Studying Government and Politics at A Level reinforced my appreciation for these subjects.I understand that the disciplines are interlinked with one another, particularly when concerned with the welfare of our society.Politics deals with the distribution and the exercise of power while International Relations examine the relationship between countries and policies that are formulated.What I intend to study is not just how the policies are formed but the moral and the principles behind them and why they are successful or unsuccessful in society.Studying sociology at A level has enabled me to look at the sociological perspective of international relations and also compare any theories and political ideologies.My study of Media Studies at A Level has enabled me to develop the analytical skills required to fully understand complex texts and has provided me with the knowledge of the influence of media in politics and the importance for politicians of having the media on their side.

My passion for these subjects extends beyond an academic aspect;I have a passion for the field.I enjoy reading books such as The Globalization of World Politics,this will enable me to have a broad knowledge of international relations and to what extent its effects are seen in modern society.I often attend public debates held at parliament,particularly House of Commons,these have expanded my knowledge on topics ranging from political ideologies international policies,all of which I have found extremely useful.Being a part of"Think Outside"debating group,I represented my school on a range of debating topics,with successful results.Last year I travelled to South Africa where I had an insight into the culture and tradition of the indigenous people,this deepened my political and cultural knowledge and also emphasised the importance of family structure,education and socialisation in society. Having visited various countries and learning about their policies and how they are made and to what extent it benefits their society has inspired me to pursue a career in international relations and politics.

It is a passion of mine to learn new political and international approaches and analysis which will give me the proper foundations and broaden my knowledge.The aforementioned reasons drive my will to study politics and international relations;I believe it will give me the confidence that will make me better able to deal with the high demands of this course.Being a part of school council also head prefect ultimately inspired my drive for debating in which I represented my debating group at national competitions.At the age of 15 I was elected as my local youth mayor in which I served for 1 year this enabled me to experience the political life in a micro scale. Ultimately,I am proud of my ability to balance both study and a school life successfully.

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im a normal that decided to use a non basic structure, my advice will be do not use the structure the colege gives u if you want to create a WOW personal statement, think of it like this how can you expect to make an extravegant p/s with a basic structure


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