International Relations Personal Statement Example 3

I have always been motivated to acquire a wider knowledge about multifaceted relations among States, inter-governmental and non-governmental organizations, regarding problems that affect world’s stability, like terrorism, climate change, nuclear proliferation, internal and inter-State conflicts. Therefore, I have decided to apply for the International Relations course.

I became more interested in such affairs when I started high school, as I was inspired by my Geography C teacher who taught me the importance of knowing more about the world we live in. She used to say “I would rather throw myself down this window, than deal with the fact that you are going out there to live as ignorant people!” And, it is true, - most of teenagers hardly ever care about watching the news or reading the newspaper; they only use social networks to communicate among friends. Only recently has my country seen the use of a network shaped by individuals (Facebook) to unite people who did not agree with our political and social standards – they managed to organise a demonstration in Lisbon against the government to be heard as a group of citizens, as a nation. Such movement revealed that people must stand together to reach their aims, so we can shape a better, fair and progressive world. However, we must not forget that some countries, particularly in Africa and Asia, have severe problems, namely the disrespect for human rights. Therefore, they also need our attention, since everything happening in the world is my, your, our concern - even if it is not in our country or continent! After all, as Ban Ki-moon once said "… If we do not act together, if we do not act responsibly, if we do not act now, we risk slipping into a cycle of poverty, degradation, and despair."

Aspiring to improve my knowledge about not only my country’s matters, but also regarding other countries’ current issues, I started to take part in projects such as the “Weekly panel of national and international news” and the “Colonial War in frames” exhibitions. I also got involved in group projects including “50’s Review”, forcing me to research about every event of the decade, for instance the Korean War; the launch of the 2nd Sputnik; the revolution of society’s state of mind through the “Beat generation” and Pop Art; etc.

I started to participate actively in class and I consequently allowed myself to discover who I was, what I cared about and, finally, who I wanted to be. I found out that not only was my will to do something for the refugees from Palestine, the working children in Africa or the role of women in most of Asia, but it was also my motivation, hoping that one day I can contribute to change the mind of those living in developed countries, particularly.

Acknowledging that I would only fulfil myself with such part in our society, I carried on studying harder, since I believe that only through my hard work I will be able to achieve something as important to me in life. As a result, I have chosen to study in the UK because I believe that in this country, I can be more successful in my area and, consequently, have more opportunities along my career. After all, English continues to be the most important language in whichever industry. However, with the rising of emergent economies, especially China, I expect to study Chinese, as it is becoming a crucial language for the labour market.

In the future, I hope to become a member of the United Nations and be part of a multicultural group with the intention of making a difference, by promoting peace, health, diversity and equality throughout the world.

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This personal statement was written by Flávia for application in 2013.


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