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The Middle East has always been a political hot zone, at the center of international disputes which gain worldwide attention. Since the beginning of the twentieth century, the region has acted as a battlefield for other nations, making stability in the area an impossible feat. Growing up in the Middle East, I became accustomed to hearing political discussions at every social gathering. I came to realize that as an Arab, and a Lebanese especially, politics was an inescapable part of my life.

Since the assassination of Prime Minister Rafic Al-Hariri in 2005, Lebanon has been thrown into a miasma of pandemonium, venality, and civil unrest. The ongoing international investigation has generated much controversy in Lebanon as it unveiled the warped political system and the corruption that seems to have infiltrated the highest ranks of government officials. However, it became apparent that the incident was bigger than the Lebanese political arena. It was orchestrated by greater world players and designed to have consequences on an international scale.

Eager to know more about the event that shook the very foundations of my country, I became an avid participant in political discussions and followed the news daily. The complexity of international relations became a fascination. I was intrigued by the way nations interact with each other in today’s increasingly interdependent world. I am looking forward to spending the next three years exploring this phenomenon in detail.

My History A-Level course has been an excellent introduction into the multifaceted world of International Politics. It has equipped me with valuable skills that are undoubtedly essential for a future diplomat. I have learned to analyze sources thoroughly and synthesize information to form well-reasoned arguments. I was required to participate in debates as part of the course. I was voted captain, therefore, it was my responsibility to delegate tasks and encourage co-operation among my teammates; a task that developed my leadership, teamwork, and organization skills.

The debates, along with my involvement in the drama club, developed my public speaking and communication abilities, giving me the confidence that I will need to partake in university discussions and presentations. Last year I was presented with four awards from the Cambridge International Examinations Board for achieving top results in IGCSEs. The one I am most proud of is “Top of the World” in English Literature. The skills required to analyze a work of literature are similar to those needed in evaluating a political excerpt.

The activity I feel has most prepared me for working in the field of politics, however, is Student Council. My position as Vice-President and this year as President has honed my diplomatic competency and taught me how to negotiate successfully. The proceedings from our events went towards various charities. Aside from academia, I have a great passion for piano. I am currently at Level 5. Eager to impart my love for this beautiful and expressive art, I gave piano lessons to two young girls. As for athletics, I was part of the swimming team for three consecutive years and have recently developed an interest in soccer.

I aspire to represent Lebanon in an international organization and take part in shaping its foreign policy. On the risk of sounding presumptuous, I hope to be able to make a difference in the world. Studying in the UK will surely put me on the right track towards achieving my dreams. As a Lebanese-Canadian citizen, I hope that I can reciprocate the favor and contribute to the diverse and stimulating student body.

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