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Having an inquisitive mind I simply want to know how and why the international issues of today occur. Access to 24 hours' media coverage is one that I find fascinating, society is never far from visual or aural stimulation; it has become a major influence on both the cultural and political world. It is intriguing how quickly we are updated on issues, especially information from the opposing side of the planet. I aim to comprehend how the media shifts in accordance to audience perceptions and the vitality of global governance.

In Politics I have studied both the British and American political systems. I find the contrasts and similarities to be of great interest, it has motivated and encouraged me to subscribe to daily newspapers and to follow both national and international news online and through television broadcasts about existing and pending world events. I seek a greater understanding of how this equates internationally with regards to issues such as global development, conflict, as well as understanding issues in a historical context and how they can relate to contemporary society.

My Psychology studies have provided an invaluable insight into how the mind works, how people from various cultures behave and the possibilities as to why their behaviour is such. This subject has enabled me to extend my analytical abilities. As an avid reader I study English Literature, inspiring me to explore writings about Love and from WW1. Both have been intriguing as I deal with texts from all eras giving me an insight
into the changing attitudes over time. I actively participate in my school's debating society representing my school in a "Debating Matters" competition, reaching the regional finals. This opportunity has enhanced my ability to express my views in a clear, concise manner and how to scrutinise an argument effectively.

My attendance at the film and book clubs allow me to explore a wide range of new and exciting concepts which I value greatly. I have coordinated a number of public relations and promotional exercises including a highly profitable 3 Peaks Challenge fundraiser and a successful Youth Parliament Campaign which has encouraged me to run for candidacy myself whilst partaking in "Herts 1125" which is a countywide group for young people to make a change.

On a personal level I have obtained Junior Sports and Dance leadership awards, as well as the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award. These experiences have taught me the importance of teamwork in reaching mutual goals. I am a member of the "school prom" committee, anti-bullying campaign team; a mentor for years 7 and 11's as well as a Young Enterprise volunteer. Additionally, I am committing to the Social Enterprise scheme to raise money for the school's registered charity "KISS."

As a keen photographer; I have led workshops for pupils, I am also planning a workshop for staff. Out of school I cover events and shoot portraits and have attended various photographic sessions such as photographing Paris over a weekend. I enjoy making new contacts and have assisted Sharon Cooper and Natalie Dybsiz. My most notable assignment was filming a Channel 4 production recording with Mark North (videographer) at the British Country Music Awards; I thoroughly enjoyed this experience and am eager to advance further in using recording equipment, surpassing my techniques in the editing process.

Photography has influenced my lifestyle in the past. However, I now want to use the skills I have obtained already to supplement my future studies of the listed course combinations. Through this I can achieve my aspirations of educating myself further and experiment in the fields of politics and media simultaneously. I eagerly await the exciting opportunities university life offers, by engaging in new prospects and developing my skills and attitudes to increase my potential for future successes.

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I have applied for

Canterbury Christ Church University (C10) 240UCAS
International Relations and Media and Communications (LP2J)

De Montfort University (D26) 260UCAS
International Relations and Journalism (LP25)

Liverpool Hope University (L46) 300UCAS
International Relations and Media & Communication (LP23)

Nottingham Trent University (N91)260UCAS
International Relations and Communication & Society (LL32)

Nottingham Trent University (N91) 260UCAS
Global Studies and Media (LP93)

I sent off my form on the 7th of November 2012 and had conditional offers from all my places by the 29th November.
My predictions are BDD. My statement went through many changes and ultimately I think it has turned out pretty well.


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