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As the first of five children to go to Sixth Form, I will be the first out of my entire family and my neighbourhood to go to university. I go to the Newcastle Royal Grammar School, and have become very independent in travelling to the city for my education and to socialise with friends, and most importantly, in my studies. What was a major culture shock; I settled in well, and have been exposed to a variety of things like the theatre. I spend a lot of time in my local library reading the broad sheets and online newspapers (New York Times, and Epoch Times [China]) to extend my knowledge of world affairs.

After a variety of colourful career ideas I've decided that I want to work in a job that will connect my love for my country, and other countries. I feel International Relations is the perfect choice. The course will also expose me to a variety of other fields such as “economics, history, law, philosophy, geography, sociology, anthropology, psychology, and cultural studies”. Furthermore I get to explore such issues like “globalisation and its impacts on societies and state sovereignty to ecological sustainability” and “terrorism, organized crime, human security, and human rights”.

I have always been interested in other cultures and languages. Though I did German as GCSE, I did not take it at AS level. I found that the best way to learn a language was to learn it first hand, hence how I managed to learn an extensive knowledge in Bengali one summer, being surround by a high population of Anglo-Bangladeshi and Bangladeshi immigrants. Though my German has improved with the help of German friends at school I have recently taken up Mandarin; a language most say is impossible to learn by oneself, but I find it really straightforward.

In 2007, I attended the “Show Racism the Red Card” seminar in Sunderland which called a variety of schools from all over the North East. After being shown the governments attempts to eradicate racism we were given the opportunity to ask questions. I asked: “As a society we force ourselves into quaint categories to satisfy the beholder, wouldn't it be better to bring down these walls between races i.e. remove the labels of white, and black? Surely this would be more effective because you can't attack something if it has no name.” After repeating my question a second time, the panel didn't know how to answer it - they certainly hadn't expected it but because of it I received the top two prizes and a series of compliments everyone there.

Ultimately, I want to become an operational officer for MI6 or some other form of British Intelligence. If not then I would like to go into a diplomatic job working for the United Nations, or NATO. Over and above actually doing International Relations, I'm just privileged to be given the chance to actually apply to university. Against the odds, I got into one of the best schools in the North; my mother is a single parent and my father has been incarcerated for the past decade. I've transcended far beyond any stereotype that comes with a teenager who lives on a council estate, resisting the quicksands of Britain's yob culture. As my Head of Year reminded me, I could have so easily gone the other way but to hear her tell me I have achieved the most out of all my year; I think is more invaluable than anything. The thought of ending up down that route is scary, but the fact I chose a different route is an inestimable valuable, precious achievement.

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Merely repeating your lack of

Merely repeating your lack of privilege cannot be classed as a personal statement. This is a self-obsessed cry for sympathy

"transcended far beyond any

"transcended far beyond any stereotype that comes with a teenager who lives on a council estate, resisting the quicksands of Britainâ€"- too much. keep it cool and simple if your trying to impress the guy.

try learning to write English

try learning to write English properly before claiming to have learned "an extensive knowledge in Bengali one summer, being surround by a high population of Anglo-Bangladeshi and Bangladeshi immigrants"

i hope you understand how bad your grammar is here.

your second paragraph is

your second paragraph is taken straight from wikipedia, do you really think they won't notice?


If you were that intelligent, you would know, that if you wanna apply for a secret service, especcialy the sis, you shouldnt talk about it!!!its called intelligence for a reason!

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