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It was November 1989. My parents were rattling their keys in the main square of Bratislava with other Czechoslovak youngsters asking for the democracy that was denied by the Communist regime. They raised me in an environment, where appreciation of freedom, expressing my thoughts and being an active citizen have been essential.

Like the majority of post-communist countries, Slovakia has been struggling with a dysfunctional judicial system, weak election turnout and disadvantageous privatizations.

Joining the EU in 2004 gave the promise of a brighter future. Unfortunately, it is not that easy when the country still has the remains of Communism in its basic structures.

My interest in politics became a passion a few years ago, when the biggest corruption affair in Slovak history was revealed. I started being engaged in various discussions with politicians and independent organisations such as Transparency International.

For my finals I chose 4 subjects – History, Social Science, English and Slovak Language and Literature. Social Science was a great opportunity to study a wide range of humanistic and social disciplines. It prepared me to understand political theories and their application in different eras.

History class introduced me to international relations and their development during the centuries. While writing my course work I learnt how to use different sources of information, analyse facts and do my own research. Along with my subjects for Finals I studied Spanish, Latin, Mathematics and Applied Economy, where I was elected president of the student society.

There I gained experience as a leader, and I developed the ability to divide tasks, work in teams and motivate others.

Representing my school in competitions was an important part of my studies as well. The biggest success was victory in a national essay competition entitled “Know Your Money“ in the “Practical Application of Knowledge“ category. The experience I'm proud of the most was taking part in the Euroscola project. For one day I became a MEP in Strasbourg and experienced plenary and committee sessions, negotiating and voting.

To have a better understanding of the subjects I was studying reading the books was essential. Slovak political situation and connections with other countries before and during WW2 were analysed in “From Aryanization to Deportation“ (Micev) and in “In Footsteps of Tragedy“ (Kamenec). Corruption in Slovak government was perfectly described in the bestseller "Gorilla“ by British-Canadian investigative journalist Tom Nicholson.

I read the books "The Clash of Civilizations“ (S.P.Huntington) and "The Next Decade“ (G.Friedman) to learn more about the possibilities of further world development and the impact of past events on the present and future.

My first direct experience in politics was two years ago when I became a member of the Student Parliament – the official advisory body of the Mayor for Youth Affairs. Representing student's interests, fundraising for charities and organizing variety of events were the opening steps into the field of my dream future career.

As well as at local level I have been involved in youth politics nationally and internationally as a vice-president and co-founder of the Youth Embassy of the Slovak Republic. Attending conferences, shaping youth policy, creating projects, co-operating and negotiating with governmental bodies, partners and sponsors developed my presentation and organisational skills along with essential diplomatic competences.

Studying politics in the United Kingdom would be great opportunity for personal and academic development in a challenging international environment, where I could push myself to the limits. I believe that my experience and passion in that field is a good basis for being a successful student.

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