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I wish to study law at university because the protean nature of the subject has made it a point of enthrallment for me.

By participating in the school ‘mock trial’ at age thirteen, I was introduced to different figures in the legal system for the first time. I was allocated to the position of a defence lawyer, and this exposed me to legal debate and taught me how to assimilate relevant information from texts whilst reading.

My new found interest in the study of Law broadened the range of novels I explored, and works of literature such as Harper Lee’s ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ and Nathaniel Hawthorne’s ‘The Scarlet Letter’ led me to question the law in regards to human rights, religion and discrimination.

Subsequently, I won the annual English award for my year group for two consecutive years. Participation in the ‘mock trial’ also developed my leadership skills and inspired me to initiate some form of positive change within my school. I formed and was responsible for the school Recycling Committee. This taught me determination and perseverance, while improving my teamwork skills, both of which are necessary in the study of law.

I have gained experience with dealing with vulnerable people through my work experience at Torfaen Play. During this time, I travelled to different primary schools in Torfaen to assist the running of lunchtime and after school clubs. This improved my communication and leadership skills.

The highlight of my work experience was visiting Crownbridge School (a school for children and young adults with severe learning difficulties). This experience opened my eyes to how different people have different needs within society, and I found myself relating this to medical law in regards to disability rights.

I have also gained experience with interacting with members of the general public through my weekend job at Greggs. In my position as a team member at one of the busiest shops in the region, I have learnt how to efficiently deal with the needs of customers by listening to their personal requirements.

This is transferable to a legal career because each client has specific demands, so listening skills and a firm ability to communicate with people are essential. Working has also enabled me to become more independent and has raised my commercial awareness, which is crucial to becoming a confident solicitor.

Aside from my academic and work lives, I enjoy getting involved in Girl Guiding as a member of the senior section, having been a Guide since the age of eleven years old. I also practise Tae-Kwon-Do, and have so far achieved a green belt. This sport has taught me discipline and self-management.

Studying English Literature at A level has stimulated my love of reading, and I have become accustomed to writing detailed, concise essays of an analytical nature. I began to read legal texts such as The Guardian’s law section, which inspired me to read Glanville Williams’ ‘Learning the Law’.

I found this book immensely helpful in setting out the foundations of English law and explaining legal research, and I feel it prepared me for studying law at university while piquing my interest in the practise of law further.

Through studying History, I have learnt to examine contrasting sources and form a judgement on their reliability by taking into account different factors such as date and authorship. The study of sociology has exposed me to ethics, which is of paramount importance in the fight for equal justice in law.

To conclude, I believe that I am suited to a Law degree and a career in law because I possess the necessary qualities to succeed in the field, such as logical reasoning, good analytical ability and confidence with public speaking. I also have the determination and enthusiasm needed to succeed at such an academically demanding degree.

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This is my personal statement from my application to study Law LLB, commencing September 2016. I received conditional offers from four of my choices (Cardiff University for both Law and Law and Politics, University of Liverpool and Swansea University) and I was chosen by the University of Lincoln as part of their unconditional offer scheme, which meant receiving an unconditional offer providing I put the university as my firm choice.


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