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I decided to read law in England because the country has one of the most historic and well developed educational systems in Europe. I chose courses at Universities with a great tradition, a tradition which can only be offered by English Universities.

I was brought up in Germany, a country with a large cultural diversity, a country with a difficult history and a country which infringed the most basic of rights, the human rights, in several cases. In no other country was the question about justice or injustice more important than in Germany.

However, there also is a practical reason why I decided to read in England and in English: most people in developed countries around the Globe are capable of speaking English. By studying in English my possibilities to find a job are greatly enhanced and I am not as regionally confined. The idea of working in different countries across the world enthrals me and it is a personal goal of mine to do so.

I am exceptionally keen to study law as I have always had a great sense for equality, justice and injustice. It was always my aim to make chances, in games or discussions for example, equal for everyone. I first came into contact with practical law when I decided to take part in an after hours school club, which taught me the basics of the German legal system and jurisdiction.

As part of the course I was able to witness a court case, which , along with the judges and defendants, made a great impression on me.

I decided to look further into the field of law and got a two week work experience placement at a solicitor's, during which I was allowed to follow three different sollicitors around their day to day business, witnessing several more court cases and being taught even more about the field of legal studies.

During that time my decision to study law and become a lawyer was confirmed and I became very enthusiastic. I personally believe that law is a subject that fits me and my personality very well.

I am extremely enthusiastic about the subject and once I am enthusiastic about something, it is very hard to stop me. In my free time I engage in activites, which involve skills I would also need as a lawyer.
I have been politically active since the age of 15.

I am treasurer on county level for the youth organisation of the political party I am part of as well as deputy chairman on city level. During my political activities I very often have to defend my position, stay factual and free of emotions during debates, as I would have to when in court, and also be able to listen to others and their viewpoints.

Due to my positions my leadership, communicational and organisational skills were greatly improved and I have been taught how to interact with others on a professional basis.

With the age of 16 I spent a year abroad in the UK going to St. Bonifaces College in Plymouth. Throughout the whole year I gained a lot of life experience and it was a very deep-going experience.

It was also a very productive time, during which I managed to reach the final in the regional "You're Hired" competition, become Managing Director of the Young Enterprise team and achieve academic success with a 96% in Business AS. Of course, as a positive side-effect, my English was greatly enhanced. I met many friends during that year and I keep in contact with them by travelling to England repeatedly.

In my free time I tutor younger children English and Latin, an activity I am particularly proud of and that is of a highly rewarding nature as I help others to achieve academically. I also have a part time job as a waiter.

My interests lie in languages and history, I studied Spanish, French, Latin and English at school as well as Russian in an extra curricular course. I read a lot of historic novels for pleasure.

I also enjoy playing the piano, playing tennis and going to the gym as well as meeting up with my best friends every monday. That ritual is very important to me as in my belief friendships are the key to success and happiness.

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This personal statement was written by maxle for application in 2012.

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Need help! I am not too sure about my statement, I would greatly appreciate some feedback. Thank you in advance to everyone taking time to read through it.


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