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My relentless dedication and drive to help others, alongside my deep fascination with the constant evolution of the law motivates me to read law.

Studying A level English literature and language developed my essay writing skills so that I can present thorough and convincing arguments. English has also enhanced my ability to deconstruct complex texts to develop a deeper meaning - allowing for insightful and original arguments.

The completion of an NEA has facilitated my academic exploration of parts of English that most interest me; for example, I researched the construction of frameworks to regulate behaviour within schools and in modern society through linguistic techniques.

I have consolidated my independent research skills, planning and structure of complex arguments. I am confident these skills will benefit my university education. Similarly, in history, I am successful in making clear judgements that are justified by set criteria within essays.

I am able to maintain a clear line of reasoning throughout and always provide evidence to strengthen my main argument. The completion of an NEA in history further solidified my research skills and has given me a grounded ability to take on extensive amounts of secondary reading while using various sources of information to form a balanced argument.

A level politics and sociology have taught me to analyse and interpret data from key political and societal events like referenda or elections - with this knowledge I am able to integrate these facts into arguments to make them more persuasive and concise. In these subjects, I have developed the ability to quickly synthesise information which allows me to confidently prepare counter-arguments in debate; I am sure this will aid me particularly when mooting.

Volunteering as the 'Leader of Communications for East Midlands' at NCS has enhanced my ability to plan and organise effectively at a micro and macro level; I have planned and delivered large charity projects aimed at mental health awareness and homelessness. These projects engaged groups of young people with voluntary work and had a positive impact within disadvantaged areas of the East Midlands.

Earning a place on the international 'Lessons from Auschwitz' Programme has shaped the way I communicate with others. The trip taught me teamwork and collaborative skills because much of the trip was spent working in teams. This project also improved my public speaking skills and interaction with others - skills that will later aid me when working with clients - after delivering lessons to Year 10 students about the history of the Holocaust and its contemporary relevance.

During these lessons, I was able to address the sensitive issue in a compassionate and understanding way. I am a keen athlete, a member of my local club Mansfield Harriers and a graduate of the School Games Leadership Academy. I love sprint distances and am proud to have won the Nottinghamshire County Championships U17 Girls 100m, and 200m distances for two consecutive years.

Through coaching younger club members and the programme at SGLA, I learned how to adapt coaching aims and session focuses between different age and ability ranges. Competition exposed me to performance under pressure; it took time to develop my mindset and achieve in events. These leadership experiences, traits, and skills I believe will be valuable to both studying and practising law.

In the future, I hope to use my law degree to specialise in human rights law; working with non-profit organisations; this is something I aspire to do because it builds a bridge between my passion for voluntary work with my desire to practise law.

I am organised, confident, analytical and focused in my work, but also an enthusiastic, caring and resilient individual who looks to one day use my degree to work towards the progressive and rigorous change that is fundamental to our society.

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