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Law is applied to every aspect of our lives and affects most of the actions we do as a human being. It is interpreted, passed on and applied throughout the world.

I am always curious about the development of different laws and why a certain law is applied and changed. How is law applied within the society? How are they made? Without the rule of law, our world would be a very different place.

My enthusiasm for law is the main factor for me to choose law as a BTEC subject. I have learned about Tort Law, Criminal Law and Legal Liability, with Criminal Law being a real focus of interest.

It was interesting to read about a case and analyse it to establish what the actus reus and the mens rea was and how this applies to the defendant? The case of Stone and Dobinson (1977) was one of the main focuses that caught my attention. In this case we analysed that both defendants were guilty of manslaughter by gross negligence, it was fascinating to read and discuss the facts of this case.

I undertook work experience for a week at Janjua & Associates Ltd, a legal firm that enabled me to gain an insight to the world of solicitors and how they operate.

I was able to assist with a variety of tasks such as; filing and organising documents, having the opportunity to shadow solicitors and office clerks and observing how they work and interact with their clients. This experience has allowed me to gain an insight into what life as a lawyer would be like and improved my awareness of what a career in law will involve.

I have previously visited The Old Bailey, the House of Parliament and attended a real court case at a Magistrates’ Court. I was so inspired and intrigued to have seen these places, as areas steeped in legal history.

In Health and Social Care, I have been able to develop my communication skills through doing presentations and talking in groups and also learn about different communication styles.

Communication is one of the key skills for a solicitor and the legal sector so I was able to communicate and improve it throughout this subject. I have gained independent and team working skills whilst completing different elements of the course. Business has developed my critical thinking and ability to analyse.

I have learned to meet deadlines, manage my time well and produce work consistently of a high standard. These are the skills that would be crucial as a law undergraduate.

I realised quickly after starting Year 12 that my choice of subjects were not suitable for the way I wanted to take my education and career. Restarting was a very hard decision to make but has proven to be the right one allowing me to select subjects that have engendered success and the future I crave.

Moreover, by making this decision, I have shown courage and strategic thinking as part of a long term plan.

Acquiring another language was challenging yet rewarding; I can fluently speak Turkish along with English which demonstrates the fact that I have ability to learn and adapt. This again demonstrates my ability to communicate effectively.

By being bilingual, I will be able to help people from a diverse environment once I start my career as a solicitor, especially if a client does not know how to speak English, I will be able to speak to them in the other language and help them with any issues that they may need.

This is why distinguishing two languages will be a great benefit for my chosen profession as a solicitor as it involves communicating with different people with different problems.

I actively balance my studies, I attend a gym class and like to work out and keep healthy by taking part in activities like swimming and cardio.

For this specific hobby, I have shown dedication and time management skills which I apply to all aspects of my study time too. I set goals for myself and work hard to strive and achieve my goals and reach a successful result. When I attend university, I intend to carry on with my hobbies and take advantage of the list of sports and extra-curricular clubs.

My other enjoyment is reading. I love to read a variety of genres and I also read newspapers to keep myself updated on current affairs and, in particular, criminal cases.

From my experiences and education, I hope to excel at your university which will in turn, fulfil my dream of a career as a solicitor. I feel that I have developed the necessary skills to meet the challenges that university life will offer both personally and educationally.

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This personal statement was written by meryemakcadag96 for application in 2015.

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This is my first draft on my personal statement for law but I'm not sure its 'up to standard' just yet. Can you please comment on any improvements I need to make. Thank you


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