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One of my earliest memories, is picking up a book and staring at the printed words on its fresh, crisp pages. I was stood in the middle of a bookshop, in my home town with my mother and I knew, from that time, that I would love to read. Reading is my only constant, and 13 years on I’m still reading and savouring every word.

When I was six years old I was asked what I wanted to be when I was older, I answered the usual - a princess. We were then asked to draw a picture of what we would look like. In my picture, I sat in a throne, surrounded by books, a crown upon my head, a gavel in my hand. I wasn’t just any princess, I was intelligent, and I was decider of the law.

When I imagine my self in 15-20 years, I see myself in a black robe; a wig upon my head; deciding and explaining the law to a jury. Just as I’d seen myself 11 years ago, except know, I’m all grown up, and ready to take on my role.

The law is constantly evolving overtime in order to reflect societies ever changing moral attitude and values. It’s everywhere, keeping order and encompassing a world, encouraging its people to keep safe for themselves and others around them; promoting fairness and equality. I believe this is what piqued my keen interest and curiosity for the legal systems and practices of the world.

With each turn of a newspaper and change of a channel, we can witness a range of different crimes and how they’re dealt with within the legal system. But, what the real question most people want answered is why, why do people commit such crimes?

When studying law at A level, I have built my knowledge of the legal practices, the rules used by lawyers and a range of civil and criminal cases. This intensive study verified for me that law was the subject I wanted to explore further.

I particularly enjoyed this subject as I find it mentally challenging that requires lawyers to be particularly precise and assured in the law. I have also observed and marvelled at the elasticity of the law in certain areas, creating room for the moral values of society and technological advances.

I also studied sociology. In my second year the subject covers the basic aspects of criminology, providing me with a ‘taster’ of the theories behind crime in society. The subject has helped me to develop my understanding of how society works and explore the moral values of society, which may be relevant to the broad subject of law.

I have also studied religion, ethics and philosophy that helped me to develop the necessary debating skills that is used in law and the courts. This subject forced me to look at arguments from another’s point of view, which may be a useful skill when studying law and trying to understand a criminals mind. However, when talking about a criminals mind, my study in psychology would be more beneficial.

Whilst in my second year, I was require to conduct a study in psychology, which I believe may give any communication skills required for the study of the law. Both subjects require looking at societies behaviour closely which may have given me the essential skills of observation and problem solving.

I developed many essential communication skills whilst working as a waitress. This helped me to build confidence within myself and conversing with customers. I learnt to take and make customers food and drinks orders precisely in a busy, flustered environment with many distractions. Whilst working here, I had to have initiative, work speedily, and efficiently to avoid a build up of customers.

In the last two years of high school, I was voted the deputy head girl by the senior staff. This involved the responsibility of acting as mascot for the school.

I also acted as the role of Head Prefect for my house team. With this role came many responsibilities which included: organising prefects in my house, attending the monthly meeting, and also taking part in the prefect responsibilities of patrolling the corridors with the staff and helping to keep order within the school premises.

By the time I got the year 9, I decided to apply to participate within the school council, who met once every month to acquire feedback from students and amend any ‘school rules’.

The meetings usually consisted of discussions and debates about new policies and upcoming events led by the students. Taking part in the school council demonstrated to me the process of making such ‘rules’ and futures events, which truly humbled me. I believe it helped me to develop my organisational and communication skills, which are essential for a career in law.

Since year 8, I have taken part in cooking competitions - winning a few awards. These competitions have shown me that organisation and preparation are key to success paired with hard work and elbow grease. Without which, I would not be where I am in my educational career.

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LLB Law and Criminology first draft. not finished just yet... i need some feedback please!!!!!!


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Overall, the statement is well written and pretty good. However, the introduction is SO cheesey.

I really enjoyed this

I really enjoyed this personal statement! I thought it was original, and gives the reader something not just to skim through.

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