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For a number of years I have had more than a passing interest in Criminology, Psychology and Sociology; in particular Criminal Psychology, Neuropsychology, the nature versus nurture debate and the Criminal Justice System. Additionally, I hold equal interest in the research, both past and present, undertaken to develop theories and concepts in the Social Science fields.

I would now like to pursue these interests at a higher academic level with the hope, upon completion of my study, to gain employment whereby I could effectively utilise the skills and knowledge I had obtained, possibly in the research field. The reasons behind my late entry into higher education are primarily due to immaturity and lack of direction.

Throughout my teens and early twenties my life was unconventional; this is where I believe my interest in the working of the human mind and sociological influences stem from. I have reflected on the contributing factors that led me to make the choices I made during my adolescent years. For me this raises the question of whether the underlying causes were biological or socially influenced or even a mixture of the two.

Over the years I have matured and gained a sense of direction regarding what I would like to do.

In 1999, I decided I wanted to contribute to my local community by doing some form of voluntary work, in particular with those who suffer from mental health problems. I became a befriender through Hillingdon Mind. A befriender's role is to support a person who is feeling isolated from the community.

Every week I would visit my friend and sit and chat and lend an ear, we would also enjoy trips out into the community. I enjoyed my 12 months working as a befriender; I found it a humbling, fulfilling and rewarding experience. Sadly I had to make the difficult decision to leave the Hillingdon Mind Befriending Scheme in the later part of 2000 due to unforeseen increased family and work commitments.

In early 2006, I made the decision to return to education. As I had not been in full time education for 21 years, I chose to ease myself back into the system by studying a Horticulture course part time over a period of 2 years.

I completed this course in July 2008 passing with 6 straight Distinctions at level 2; completing this course was the catalyst to further my education it gave me the confidence required to progress further.

In September 2008, I enrolled on an Access to Psychology and Social Studies course and an additional GCSE Maths course at level 2. I am finding my current course both exciting and thought provoking and am enjoying life as a student immensely.

My hopes are that on completion of both these courses I will have acquired a solid foundation of Social Sciences and the skills required to study at University.

Throughout my life I have experienced a variety of roles within the work force including care work, administrative roles, production line work and voluntary research work for several websites.

I have raised my two daughters, 5 and 17, almost single handed for the last 8 years; the eldest of which is in her final year of A levels and is currently in the process of applying to universities.

For a number of years I have successfully maintained 2 Allotments, although they require a great deal of physical work I find growing my own produce extremely satisfying.

Additionally, I enjoy listening to a variety of music and reading, in particular non-fictional crime. I manage my ongoing commitments to my children, education and allotments extremely well, indicative of conviction, dedication and good time management skills.

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This personal statement was written by Ocean for application in 2009.

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Brunel University

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Ocean's Comments

I wanted to express my deep interest in the subject areas i had choosen to study, particulary criminology and sociology. Further, i wanted to show my reasons why the aforementioned subjects hold my interest. I also wanted to show that i can manage my time well, that i have conviction and dedication and the drive to succeed.

I think to an extent i pulled this off in my personal statement.

However, after submitting the statement i became worried that it may make me seem a little dull!

To date i have three conditional offers, conditions being that i pass my current interview required!


Statement rating:****

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I really enjoyed reading your

I really enjoyed reading your personal statement. It is very well put together and flows beautifully.

Thanks, it's nice to get some

Thanks, it's nice to get some feed back.

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