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We know so much about human anatomy and yet despite psychology being experimented since 1879, when it comes to the brain, there are so many aspects that are yet to be understood or even determined.

Even when it comes to treating a patient there is no set method, it is often many mixed approaches that are required to get it right for each individual.

I was drawn to psychology as it covers so many aspects of who we are as humans. I am thoroughly looking forward to studying psychology at degree level, as it will provide me with the opportunity to vastly increase my knowledge and understanding.

Growing up I had a number of friends with depression and eating disorders and at the time I did not truly understand what those illnesses were or why they had developed.

Studying A-level psychology has given me a clearer understanding of why these disorders occur. For example, whether they may have been triggered by a certain life event or simply by genetics, making me more aware of why people behave the way that they do.

My true interest in psychology began by living so close to areas affected by the summer riots of 2011. They really intrigued me as to why so many people rioted.

For the very few it was "justice" for Mark Duggan, but for the rest was it just an excuse to loot? Why did thousands take part in a Lord of The Flies type rampage? I was fascinated to what extent the newspapers and psychologists would try to analyse and explain the reasons for such clearly aggressive criminal actions.

Since then, many events have caught my interest. The most recent would be the unfortunate terrorist attacks across the world including ISIS and their disregard for human life and how they truly believe they are fighting for their religion.

After the 9/11 attacks, many blamed the whole religion of Islam for preaching violence, without even acknowledging that these hijackers were extreme radicals.

Alongside psychology, I would like to study criminology as a joint honours degree. In addition to studying psychology at A-level, I also chose Sociology and Philosophy & Ethics.

By studying sociology I have enhanced my knowledge about the society that we live in, how it functions and how it changes over time.

The diverse nature of the course has led me to comprehend complexities in society, such as crime. I feel that embarking on sociology has enabled my development in theoretical knowledge and investigative skills.

By studying the A-levels that I am, I have developed my essay writing technique and the ability to analyse at a greater depth.

As a member of the British Psychology Society, I enjoy reading articles from The Psychologist, as I can read alternative thoughts on current events.

For example, ‘The Flames of Hate’ is an article written by Ella Rhodes about the events of Charlottesville. It included recent studies on alt-right beliefs and how to tackle them. Although we may be living in 2017, these beliefs seem to be evermore prevalent.

For the last three summers, I have been working at a children's summer camp. This involves coaching children to play sports and develop their artistic skills. This has helped me to advance my leadership skills and the ability to handle a large amount of responsibility under pressure.

Alongside this, I have built strong relationships with both members of staff and parents, enhancing good social skills and I believe this will benefit me in the future working with patients and colleagues.

I am really looking forward to broadening my knowledge of the Criminal Justice System within England; with a particular focus on how it upholds the rule of law, how it deters criminal behaviour and how it punishes those who violate those laws. Equivalently, to grasp the key debates around race, gender and youth justice.

I envisage University to be a valuable journey, gaining fascinating insights into the human mind and criminal behaviour, from people who are passionate about their subjects, will be truly inspiring.

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I applied to Southampton, Sussex, Loughborough, Royal Holloway and Bath Spa and I got offered a place by all. I hope this helps anyone who is struggling to write their Personal Statement, it took me at least 8 drafts to get this one.


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