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My interest for criminology was triggered by my reading a book by Agatha Christie. “Ten Little Indians” was the first book I had ever read by her, but it was also the spark I needed to go deeper into this subject of criminology. After reading others crime books, I began watching criminal shows like “Forensic Detectives” on Investigation Discovery, or criminal movies like “Midsomer Murders”. Investing time in gathering information about murders and murderers has confirmed my desire for studying criminology.

I didn't have the opportunity to study this subject at a higher level, in fact this is the main reason I am applying for a place in your university. The courses which fascinate me in your university are criminology and Criminological Social Science. In the city where I live, the universities don't have criminology departments, so if I really want to study this subject I am “forced” to leave home. As I know in Romania there are only 2 Criminology Departments, so I thought that if in order to study criminology I have to leave home anyway, why shouldn't I leave the country for a while?

Right now I am a student at “Onisifor Ghibu” high school and am studying languages. The main languages I am studying here are: German, Romanian, English and French. These languages helped me to gather information and to improve my knowledge about murders and criminal minds. Psychology has also helped me to understand more forensic psychology or other methods used by detectives to find out the truth from suspects.

Recently, we finished a study of the first book of the Bible, Genesis, and I was stunned to see that human way of thinking didn't change much. People still kill today because of jealousy, envy, revenge or the desire to teach the victim a lesson, even after 6000-7000 years. The most relevant fratricide is the one between Cain and Abel. The envy Cain had upon his brother led him to commit a brutal crime, and this story sounds so current.

I am a member of a Christian Baptist Church and I am involved in so many other activities than just Bible studies, even though Theology is another passion of mine. An activity that really left a print on my personality was VBS (Vacation Bible School). These activities are usually supported by commissions from the United States and take place every summer in Romanian villages. Together with American groups we teach those children about God through stories, games, skits, crafts or even Bible verses contests. This experience taught me how to offer love, mercy and help to those in need. Some Romanian villages look like African villages and it is heartbreaking to see those kids.

Another activity in which I am involved is a free English course for beginners. This course requires from me lot of patience and has also improved my pedagogical skills. I am an open person, so for me it is quite easy to communicate and to express myself. In 2008 I attended a Seminar Camp in Sweden in which I learned new things about other cultures. This camp developed my communication skills and changed my view about the world. The slogan of the camp was “Building Global Friendship” and thanks to this experience I have friends around the world.

If I were chosen to be one of your students I would be honored and after graduating I would like to turn back to Romania and try to make a change here. I strongly believe that the youth has the power to transform Romania's image, although only a few are interested in doing that. It is hard for me to put into words my personal development, my attitudes, expectations and future plans, because a person's life is too complex to fit in a sheet of paper. I have tried anyway, to make a part of it known to you.

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