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I would say that from an early age I have been interested in psychology but that would be a lie. I first became interested in psychology at about ten, when brother got in to trouble and many other disruptions happened in my family. It made me think well why can't they just be normal, what ever normal is?!

Then I realised many people work in many different ways, and most of it is behind the psychology of the person and this is the reason I want to study psychology, to understand the behaviour behind people.

One of the main things I love about psychology is that for every view of behaviour there is a conflicting view point arguing the point.

Also I love learning about what makes people act the way they do, and why some people have no remorse about the bad things what happens in the world.

In A level psychology after we have done our course work we are going to start on the topic of schizophrenia this is a topic I am particularly looking forward to, because I love to understand what makes these people do what they do, and just understand the disorder in its self.

My career plans are hopefully to become a criminal psychologist, working with in the prison service. I understand that within this program of learning I will be studying both the criminal and psychological sides to behaviour and placing the two together in the real world situations.

At the moment in my 3rd year at St Mary's College Blackburn I am studying A2 Psychology, A/S ICT and A/S Law. In the two years before this at St Mary's College I studied English Lit and Sociology both to A2 and got D's however I am re sitting a module in Sociology to try and get my grade to a C.

I re sat my Maths GCSE in my first year here and came out with a C witch I needed to pick up the psychology course at St Mary's College.

I believe that by studying psychology and sociology I already have quite extensive knowledge on society and how it works I do believe that this will help me when studying at university.

I want to go to university as I love the aspect of it helping me achieve my goal in life of becoming a criminal psychologist. Also for the social side of the experience, the people who you meet in side and out side of university is a great way experience the world, while studying a course you love.

I did a weeks work experience in first year of college at a school for severely disabled children in Oswaldtwisle, this helped me to develop my communication skills with the children, with the team I was working and also my skills of being able to work as a group and also individually with the children.

I am hoping to do some more work experience this year, now I am 18 with the probation service or young offenders.

I hope to graduate from university and use the knowledge and understanding I have gained to help other people and understand people better.

By becoming a criminal psychologist and working in prisons or with young people and showing them that there is another way to change your life and this is through getting qualifications, and a good job.

I am a fun loving person, who is willing to learn, I believe I am fairly well organised, my time management and punctuation are great and I can't wait to start the new challenges that wait head of me at university.

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This personal statement was written by pinklady for application in 2009.

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i think this is ok but please give me some feed back on how i can improve it as im stuck stuck stcuk stuck stuck


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Its not a bad statement but

Its not a bad statement but there is room for improvement! The opening sentence could definitely improved to something like "My interest in Psychology stems from late childhood when I began to notice.....". And also, although you'd like to become a criminal psychologist, I think your focusing too much on mentioning that because a degree in psychology has much more aspects to it than criminology and behaviour so it might be an idea to gather up some points about what else interests you in psychology from what you've studied so far at A-level? Hope this helps :)

"I re sat my Maths GCSE in my

"I re sat my Maths GCSE in my first year here and came out with a C WITCH I needed to pick up the psychology course at St Mary's College"

Just thought I should let you know you spelt which wrong :)

khans Girl

not WITCH, which

why would you mention that

why would you mention that you re-sat any exams?

Your opening sentence is

Your opening sentence is unnecessary (cancels itself out) and should be removed.

i enjoyed your personal

i enjoyed your personal statement because i have the same ambitions as you, i cant wait to be a criminologist, however i thought it was not proffesional enough. Did u get in tho?

i enjoyed your personal

i enjoyed your personal statement because i have the same ambitions as you, i cant wait to be a criminologist, however i thought it was not proffesional enough. Did u get in tho?

i enjoyed reading your

i enjoyed reading your personal statement because, as someone else has also said, we have similar interests in the subject. however, as i was reading through the whole document i noticed ALOT of spelling/grammer mistakes and as this is to try to get into a university, you should be wise to check through your work several times before submitting it to make sure there are no silly mistakes. (for example confusion with words like 'witch' and 'which' and leaving out full stops and commers ect.
when typing your personal statement, using spell check can help alot. and of course, as you are doing now with this website, its very useful to get feedback from others reading through your work.
hope this helps, sorry if i sound a bit piccy with things tho xD

I actually found the first

I actually found the first line to be quite humorous because so many, many people begin with 'I've always been interested in Psychology from a young age...' etc, etc it's almost lost its value because it seems such a trivial way to begin after reading so many PSs. I suppose it depends on how each individual would read into it.

I would say scrap the parts about third year, having to re-take and your past grades. The university will be aware of all of this information through your UCAS form. Only specify on positive aspects such as the skills you have attained and please, please check your grammar and spelling, some admissions tutors can be really anal about them, irrelevant of the quality of the PS.

Good luck

your personal statement

first of all, you need to take into account the following:
- which not "witch"
- second you need to add "my" before brother so it makes more sense
i realise now it is too late for it to be changed but just for future references put in the improvements. it will be sooo much bettter. overall it is good but there is and always will be room for more improvement.


Mind if i copy and paste this?

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