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Criminology interests me because of its sheer importance within society: without a deeper understanding of criminal motives the justice system we rely on so heavily would cease to exist. The history of criminology and the development of criminal activities with technological advancements fascinates me.

My interest in criminology comes predominantly from my avid viewing of a variety of documentaries and reading, particularly 'Inside the World's Toughest Prisons.' One episode peaked my interest when an inmate convicted of cannibalism and murder was interviewed. The way he presented to the camera was shocking, coming across completely respectable. This led me to explore the truth that criminals walk among us in such a way that we may never be aware. My own realisation prompted me to pursue this specific course in that all the contributing factors behind a crime and the individual themselves are considered as a whole.
Over the last 2 years I have studied Journalism and Creative Writing achieving a distinction grade in my first year. I am now able to write analytically and have honed my writing skills.

I have produced a variety of research articles focusing on social issues such as racism and employability. I have experience with gathering accurate information from sources such as the Office for National Statistics. I am now able to communicate effectively both verbally, written and across mediums. Studying journalism naturally meant I further developed my interest in current affairs, I actively seek out news articles focusing on crime in order to gain a wider understanding.

For as long as I can remember I have had my head buried in a book. My favourite novel being 'Never Let Me Go' by Kazuo Ishiguro. Ishiguro's unique perspective on life inspired me to look deeper into society, how people work, what makes them tick and ultimately why people do the things that they do. The reason why people do anything is so significant and often overlooked, hence why in my own life I have always aimed to keep an open mind and remain unjudging towards everyone I meet. I take the time to delve deeper and analyse the whole picture rather than simply judge what is being presented to me. I have always understood that humans are multi layered and everyone deserves a little consideration for reasons why they may behave the way they do, even if such reasons may not be initially easily perceived.

I have worked in Hospitality as a waitress from 2016 to present, I have developed transferable skills such as time management, customer services and appeasing the occasional hostile individual. These experiences have allowed me to grow into an assertive yet equally accommodating and understanding person. Coming from a multi-racial background meant that I grew up with two conflicting cultures, again this shaped who I am as a person and my perspective on life. As a result of my upbringing I am well-travelled and value experiencing contrasting cultures.

I wish to study Criminology in the hope that I will be able to assist in breaking stereotypes and expectations for certain groups of people. This course will open my eyes further to the aggravating factors behind each singular crime as well as the sheer diversity between criminal activities. Having come from a background in foster care I have witnessed first-hand the effects of stereotyping particularly in impressionable teens. From my own experience I know how potentially damaging it is to be tarnished with a brush due to factors that are completely out of one's control. Therefore, I hope to bring my own personal experience and knowledge paired with an eagerness to learn to this course.

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