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Criminology, as an increasingly popular topic, began to interest me throughout high school during my studies in history.

How crimes were perceived and treated in the past, predominantly during the Elizabethan era, truly grasped my interest. I started to question the thought processes behind people actions in everyday life, as different documentaries of abnormal behaviours and actions continued to develop my interest and curiosity. As I recently began to think about where I could apply this attentiveness, I started researching where criminology as a path could lead me. I later found my passion; criminal investigation.

Reading Steven Pinker’s novel, ‘how the mind works’, genuinely intrigued me into why people decide to commit crimes. The act of committing a crime is immoral and unjustifiable in most cases, but what drives people towards a life of crime? How do crimes affect our society? Is it always the individual, or maybe the situation that triggers these actions?

Numerous other questions have been progressively motivating me to explore more into the causes and consequences of crime.

My studies at A levels have guided me to criminology in several different ways. English language at A level has improved my ability to understand and recognise how language is used in multiple different modes.

For example, how a criminal’s language would be noticeably different to average individuals. A level art has mainly developed my creativity and independent thinking, as I focused on portraiture involving negative emotions.

My studies in psychology A level have increasingly developed my knowledge on the brain, and allowed me to explore my passion in criminology. After completing my first year of this course, I was able to broadly think about where I wanted to take the subject in the future.

My first year’s results were not what I wanted, but I have persisted and shown the resilience needed to be determined to achieve my goals of getting a B at psychology in A level, and my recent grades have shown that I can achieve this.

My passion for psychology is further developing and is increasingly strengthening my curiosity in the human mind. A levels overall, with strict deadlines and frequent self-directed studying, have guided me to becoming more self aware and independent.

As a child, I was particularly interested in performing arts, and was closely involved with a local theatre group for around 6 years. I was in several pantomimes and was successfully awarded my level 2 at drama from trinity college, which earned me around six UCAS points.

Between the ages of 7-15, I took part in the martial art of Taekwondo and achieved a black belt. The skills that I have obtained from these 7 years of training, such as self-control and perseverance, have helped me in real-life situations.

Completing the Duke of Edinburgh award, in both bronze and silver, assisted my emerging independence throughout college. In addition, challenging myself to complete this helped me to develop a whole range of useful skills mainly including self-motivation, leadership and teamwork.

As well as having a part-time job at Morrisons, alongside my A levels, I volunteer weekly at the local scouts group so I can give back to my community. I am also currently fundraising for a three-week volunteering trip to South India and Rajasthan.

This trip will take place in July 2018, and will involve many different challenges including a six-day trek in a rainforest, and a weeklong project in one of the local villages.

After completing this degree, I would use the knowledge and experience that I will gain to find a path in criminal investigation. This would be ideal for me as I largely enjoy this aspect of crime and policing, and strongly believe that it would perfectly fit my inquisitive personality. My ideal goal is to potentially join the police force, with the speciality of criminal investigation.

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