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In October of 1993 I came across a recruitment advert in my local newspaper describing the role of the 'Special Constable' and by the time I had finished reading, I was eager to apply.

The following February I was sworn in at my local Magistrates Court and that is where my interest in the subjects that I am now applying to study at university first began, trying to understand what influences and motivates people's behaviour in favour of crime and witnessing first hand the effects that this behaviour has on our society.

As a Special Constable, I thoroughly enjoyed the insight that policing provided and the practical side of the role afforded me the opportunity to develop my skills in many areas including those of problem solving, team work and dealing with members of the public.

I also gained experience of working on my own initiative, often in highly challenging and confrontational situations. Working in a voluntary capacity, I was keen to learn more about crime and the criminal justice system and so I returned to education in the autumn of 1994.

Studying for GCSE's and an A Level in my spare time, whilst at the same time being in full time employment and having a young family, required an enormous amount of commitment, self motivation and organisation but I was determined to attend all the classes and complete all the homework to enable me to successfully complete the courses and I was extremely pleased with the grades that I managed to achieve as a result.

This gave me the encouragement to continue to study for an additional two years for a Professional Diploma in Law and also gave me the confidence to apply for a position as a Prosecution Caseworker within Sussex Police.

Initially employed within the Criminal Investigation Department, I subsequently took up a specialist role within the Road Policing Department.

Dealing with cases of a criminal nature, I continued to be fascinated as to why certain people commit certain crimes and my involvement in the prosecution process has further fuelled my desire to learn more about the background, nature and motivations of offenders.

I am keen to study for this particular degree because of the insights that the study of criminology can give me into why people offend and how this knowledge can be utilised to reduce and prevent crime for the benefit of the communities in which we live.

With this degree and the knowledge and experience I have gained from my previous studies and employment, I would like to further my career within the criminal justice system, the fields of probation and youth offending being of particular interest to me.

Currently taking time out to travel and pursue other interests, I have recently travelled to Australia and within Europe, enjoying the different landscapes and architecture and learning about the alternative cultures and traditions that exist outside our own.

I am also currently employed as a part time fund raiser for the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust, helping to raise funds which enable them to continue their work in preserving endangered species and maintaining our wetlands.

This is proving to be invaluable in developing my public speaking and presentation skills. For pleasure I am learning to speak spanish and play contemporary guitar.

In addition to being highly motivated, I believe that I have the necessary experience, skills and enthusiasm to enable me to make a valuable contribution to the course and successfully complete a degree and I would relish the opportunity to do so.

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This personal statement was written by daisy2lips for application in 2007.

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Hi all, this statement took three weeks, several drafts and countless cups of coffee to complete. I found it really hard going but it got me an unconditional offer of a place at Brighton University for this coming year 2007/2008. Yippeee! Reading other people's personal statements on this site was an enormous help to me when I did mine so I think it's only right that I give something back and put mine up, in the hope that it too may help others. So here it is. Hope it helps and good luck to everyone in their applications both now and in the future :-)


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