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From the age of 7 all i ever use to do was walk round the streets of where i lived thinking i owned the place.

This would be from hanging around in groups with 'mates' being mischievous, getting up to no good and following the wrong crowd of people. Years later i realised its time to change and i need to be a new person so i made new friends and did what the youth should do which is have fun with friends by doing your hobbies.

From me changing my friends changed me and I started to hang around with the right crowd which affect me socially but mentally to as I started to improve considerably at school.

1 year later after changing myself I moved house at the age off 12 and having to leave the great Yorkshire city of Leeds I moved to Keighley which is situated 15 minutes from Bradford. In 2006 Bradford was ranked the second most dangerous city in England and Wales.

The city was shown to have the highest level of gun crime of all the cities surveyed, Bradford was shown to have the second highest rate of assaults per 1000 population, as well as the second highest rate of burglary offences, at over double the national average!

From knowing this i knew this would take an impact on the town of Keighley and from me not knowing anyone from when I moved to Keighley made me take a back seat from everyone else at school as I didn't want to mix in the wrong crowd again.

The school I went to was one of those schools what was "known" to be a very bad. From the very first minute I thought the same as all i ever saw was gang wars divided between the two sides of the school. Ever since seeing these fights with weapons such as baseball bats, fireworks and even knuckle dusters.

This made me think why do 12-17 year old people do this? what do they get out of this? then from further thinking I realised it was to do with 'drugs and turf wars' which came from out of school and had been brought into school and instead of the school being dived into 2 gangs, the whole of Keighley was divided into 2.

The main thing which angered me was the majority of these people walking free with no consequences. Seeing them walk down the street laughing makes you feel un-safe as you know they will just end up doing the same thing again but next time it could be you in hospital?

Ever since the days of me seeing many people get away with crime made my passion for criminal behaviour grow and i wanted to do something about this, so now this makes me more motivated and determined then ever to get people and lock them away for good and the only way i can do this is to follow my childhood dream of the age of 11 by becoming a police officer so from doing a course in crime forensics or youth, community and criminology this gives me much more hope in maintaining that dream and from me making contribution in arrests makes me know i've succeeded in making people feel safer and making England a better place.

Since Leaving the school in 2009 with 8 A*-C GCSE'S including English and Maths I have gone onto study BTEC National Public Services level 3 and this has taught me about Police Powers, Government, The Criminal Justice System, Discipline, International Perspectives, Communication within the Public Services, Team Leadership and a whole lot more!

From doing my final year i want to go on and pursue more knowledge by going to University and studying then getting that role of a career in the Public Services.

In my spare time i like to socialise with friends, play sports and also go watch my football team Leeds United. I would describe myself as a mature student who's input on the course would be vital as from being a little terror when i was young to a mature student who wants to change people for the good as I have done with myself.

I am keen, conscientious and hard working. I am hugely enthusiastic about my choice of course and I am also quick to adapt to any given situation. I sincerely believe that I will be an asset, not just in the classroom, but to the University.

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