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Criminology, and more specifically the causes and prevention of crime, have always intrigued me. I believe that we all need to develop a deeper understanding of crime, why it occurs, and who the real perpetrators are if we are ever going to really prevent it. My interest in the subject area was initiated with the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. Watching the investigation unfold and repeatedly lead nowhere was fascinating to me and led me to read up on countless cases over the years, for instance the O.J Simpson case. O.J arguably had everything one could hope for; money, a successful career, a loving family. So, what was his motivation? Were his actions the result of a personality trait? Or did his experience contribute to a conviction for armed robbery. The opportunity to research these fundamental questions is at the centre of why I am applying for a Criminology degree.

Last year, I began some independent learning by undertaking Future Learn courses. My choice of Social Anthropology was inspired by watching Grayson Perry’s ‘All Man’ as part of my A level Sociology. The very different subcultures of boys in a Northern council estate and men in the city of London fascinated me. I was interested in how two incredibly different subcultures could have something such as their masculinity in common, despite their social classes being so different. This motivated me to learn more about social anthropology. I extended my independent learning by watching TED Talks. They offered me good insight into a range of experiences, including the perspective of victims. For example, I have watched Sue Klebold’s account of her son’s impact on her and others, which shows how she was affected by her son’s actions.

From studying forensics for A level Psychology, I have developed my EPQ question; ‘To what extent does the treatment of prisoners affect whether or not they reoffend?’ I was really surprised by the statistics on recidivism and was curious why when we invest time and money into our criminal justice system, it is not successful as a method of further crime prevention for around 50% of offenders. This has been linked to looking at crime and deviance in Sociology, and the answer seems to be provided by labelling theorists. I am really enjoying being in control of the content of my own work. At the moment, I am using secondary sources, including articles that reference the same topic. I am attempting to contact probation officers to distribute a questionnaire, but as it is a sensitive topic with confidentiality issues, I may have to rely on secondary sources.

I have completed a week’s worth of work experience with a law firm. During this week, I helped run the reception, and learnt about various aspects in Law, for example Conveyancing, LPAs, and Wills. I also learnt about what happens during client meetings, giving me a personal insight into a commercial law firm. During year 10, I also completed work experience with a local engineering company. I spent my time organising and filling in paperwork, answering phones, and helping customers in store. Through this, I learnt vital communication and organisational skills.

My part time work allowed me to manage my time more efficiently because I had to meet the demands of paid work and study. It also encouraged me to be more confident and sociable, developing sensitivity in my communications, for example when dealing with clients during their stressful life events. Next year, after my 18th birthday, I plan to volunteer with PACT. They are a national charity that provides support to prisoners, people with convictions and their families. I believe this will give me help with my EPQ, and importantly, a realistic view into prison experiences. In future, I would like to apply my knowledge and pursue a career in the criminal justice system. Ideally, I would like to make a difference to people who have to negotiate the law, supporting offenders with rehabilitation and victims with recovery. Hopefully, undertaking a Criminology degree will help me meet my goals.

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