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Growing up, I was always captivated by stories. I would spend hours on end, consuming the stories of other people and learning how their pasts affected their present lives. I would read books such as 'Reminiscences of the Cuban Revolutionary War' and ‘A Plague of Murder’. Stories with the most complex backgrounds were the ones that were the most stimulating. This drew me to studying Sociology at A level.

Sociology has helped me see the way that someone's environment shapes the person that they are. It is incredible to take the person's context and really examine it, because it makes it possible to understand many of their current behaviours. It helps me understand society, mankind and why we are the way that we are. Sociology encompasses a diverse range of topics, from culture and religion, the labelling theory, from Marxism to crime, and even discusses how the media around us influences us. These topics have helped me understand society in a better way as well as allowing me to be analytical and objective about how I perceive the world. This has allowed me to understand how social influences affect why some people do better than others in education, and why some others are disadvantaged. Though not always realising, I have always wanted to protect those who cannot protect themselves for fear of oppressors or further harm. Sometimes the inherent norms of our society hinder many people from reaching their full potential. I feel that action should be taken to overcome this problem. Having the opportunity to help and support those who are treated differently due to being born into certain circumstances or places, would be highly satisfying.

I am enthusiastic about studying Sociology and Criminology because of the vast opportunities there are to help others. My career aim is to work with offenders within prisons and I feel this course will provide me with the skills I need to get to the root of the problem. In everyday life I have seen how much I, as a layperson, struggled to make sense of the jargon that fills legal documents and conversations. I want to learn as much as I can and represent people who need it the most.

I have recently started to work in my community. My experiences include working with police officers conducting community outreach in crime reduction and keeping the streets presentable. The 2015 'European Migrant Crisis' had led me into wanting to volunteer with asylum seekers and refugees. Having first-hand experience with these people has helped me understand their individual experiences in depth which has given me a different insight to the situation. I have attended a Criminology conference to network with professionals. Each of these experiences has opened my eyes to problems in my community, and the best solutions for them. By addressing them at the society level, I have learned to widen my reach and adapt interventions according to the community I target.

I believe that having the additional perspective of sociology will help me better understand the criminology I will study. So much of what happens to us comes out of what we learn from our environment and what we are able to do in the context of social limits and expectations. Crime is the ultimate example of that, because it involves so many parties. It is the interaction of the crime perpetrator, the victim, the law enforcement, the justice system, and so many more that shape the world of criminology.
My background drew me to sociology and criminology because I knew that its intellectual rigor, commitment to asking tough questions, and opportunities for equality and justice for individuals was exactly what had helped me get through the challenges I have faced. In reflecting why I plan to study sociology and criminology in university, the answer is clear: I hope to combine my personal experiences, academic preparation, and professional background with legal training to serve as general counsel of someone who is in need of my services.

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When doing my own research i found that Sociology and Criminology isn't a common course and therefore didn't find very many useful samples! So here is mine..

HOPE IT HELPS! I also got all my offers.


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