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What makes people commit heinous crimes? Are criminals a product of their environment and upbringing or are criminals biologically pre disposed to behave the way they do? These are questions regularly asked in society, but I would like to dig much deeper. This is why I would like to study Criminology. The way in which the human minds works truly does fascinate me. Previously I took how people behave and things they do at face value, that this is the way they have chosen to act due to the idea of free will. However after delving into research of my own along with studying subjects such as psychology and sociology and attending conferences, I have realise that this is not the case. Penology, the nature vs nurture argument, Victimology and Restorative Justice are areas of criminology that I am particularly interested in.

Studying my current A levels will help me be successful in a criminology degree as in Sociology a whole A2 unit is Crime and Deviance which has given me an insight into the various different theories of criminal behaviournand crime as a social construct. I've also been able to consider if gender plays a significant role in the decision to commit crime along with the punishment ordered. Media studies has allowed me to investigate both sides of the argument that media creates or increases crime. English literature has helped me develop my analytical skills, improve the fluency and accuracy of my writing as well as being able to consider different interpretations of texts.

My love for the subjects that I currently study lead me to take up the Extended Project Qualification. Through committing to the Extended Project I feel that will be able to show my ability to engage in independent studies, thorough research and being able to apply my knowledge and understanding into my project in a sophisticated and fluent dissertation type text. The title of my project is 'Are criminals made or born?' This directly links to my hope to study a criminology degree as I have had to do a substantial amount of research into the topic and I truly have been inspired to want to continue this research at university.

I have always made a conscious effort during my time in secondary school and Sixth Form College to engage in extracurricular activities. From year 9 to year 11 I was a prefect, I was then elected as Head Girl in Year 11, With these positions came responsibilities, which then lead to me learning and gaining skills I can now use and apply to all situations within higher education as well as professional and social situations. During the summer of 2013 I took part in a National Citizen Service programme called 'The Challenge' upon completion of the 2 month programme I was awarded a certificate signed by the Prime Minister. Currently I am a representative for my tutor group, and I organise a weekly general knowledge quiz for the class. Not only has this helped me expand on learning a vast amount of various facts and figures but has made me a more organised person as well as helping me become stricter with making sure I stick to all deadlines I have been set.

From November to December 2011 I was able to seize the opportunity to do a one month work experience placement at Clerkenwell and Shoreditch County Court. I was given the chance to shadow a judge on a range of different cases as well doing basic day to day administration tasks. Being in such an environment and realising just how competitive the world of work is. I went on to change my attitudes towards education, whilst also helping me as I tried to better myself in all aspects of my life. I believe that I am now a more determined, intuitive and committed learner, which are aspects of my personality I think will really help me achieve and succeed in university.

I am very determined to pursue my dream of becoming a criminologist and see studying a degree in criminology at your university as a big stepping stone towards being able to achieve my goal.

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Wrote this last minute as I lost the original. Received 5 offers from, De Montfort, Nottingham Trent, Northampton, Anglia Ruskin & Bedfordshire universities.


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