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Sociology is everywhere. Sociology is unearthing problems in society. It is understanding how the world works. This subject has helped me to understand the society in which I live; as well as a deeper comprehension of people's personalities as well as my own. Alongside Sociology, Criminology has always been of a great interest to me, because of its in-depth focus on criminal justice processes and criminality.

I have decided to pursue my interests at a higher level in the hopes of gaining employment on completion of my studies whereby I can make use of the skills and knowledge I have obtained, possibly in the field of research.

Studying sociology at A-Level has allowed me to look at life critically and re-evaluate my past views of things that I have seen and identifying them as sociological theories and ideologies. Learning the labelling theory enabled me to understand the teaching style of my primary school teacher. Sociology is thus relevant to everyone on a day-to-day basis, as is criminology.

I want to find out who defines crime? What are the societal reactions to crime? How does the line between deviance and criminality change over time? Many sociological studies were carried out in the 20th Century however they still apply to the current day.

This is interesting as many things have changed in society, such as the abolition of child labour in the UK in the late 1800's; however Child Labour is still legal in other parts of the world. It makes me question the inequalities and injustices that are carried out in wider society.

I am studying crime and deviance currently in A2 Sociology, and learning about the causes of crime, whether it is ethnicity or class or possibly other reasons.

In studying this it has further cemented my interest for criminology because we are learning society's reaction to crime and deviance; it has lead me to question why society reacts negatively to crime and deviance? Why it that the same norms and values, are not shared worldwide? And I believe in studying Sociology and Criminology, I will learn the answers to these fascinating questions.

My other A2 subjects English and History have also allowed me to venture into deeper analysis of social and criminal behaviour as they are both very analytical subjects.In my History A-Level I have realised that it relates to Sociology in the sense that it helps me to understand the historical context in which most of sociology is recorded in.

It is important to take into account the date of a particular study, because over time society has changed and the outcome may or may not apply to modern day society.

Throughout my Secondary and Sixth Form years I have volunteered my time to Open Days and enterprise evenings. This has improved my communication skills as it has enabled me to communicate with people of all different ages and backgrounds, and has also helped to improve my confidence.

My work experience in Boots and in The Florence Nightingale Museum, taught me the importance of interpersonal skills, self-reliance and teamwork. The work experience in Boots gave me the chance to come across customers from all walks of life; while my experience at the Florence Nightingale Museum taught me the significance of co-operation.

In my spare time I enjoy reading crime novels as well as reading and writing poetry; I was placed into a group, co-wrote and performed at a Poetry Competition for Urban Music Awards coming in 2nd place.

I am an avid and reliable student and attending University will enable me to fuel my desire to learn more about crime and the society I live in. In continuing into Higher Education, I am beginning a journey to my own future, a universal struggle. University is the crucial foundations, of which I intend to build a career on

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This personal statement was written by jennywbu for application in 2014.

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I thought it would be a nice idea to donate my personal statement as I feel like you could benefit from reading mine. I tried not to be too biased within my personal statement and I tried to make sure I was comminicating exactly WHY I wanted to study sociology and criminology. I applied it to my life and made sure the admissions tutor who was reading my personal statement knew how much I wnated to study it.

I got into all 5 Uni's so I guess they liked it!
Obviously DO NOT copy and paste sections because UCAS WILL KNOW...

If you want to study sociology and criminology, just use this as a guide and good luck


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