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I have often thought myself to be a lucky individual: my Grandfather was a detective in the Lancashire constabulary many years ago, and when I was a child I was often graced with countless stories from his crime fighting days.

From this, I became fascinated in crime particularly from that of a psychological viewpoint. I am intrigued by human behaviour and how this applies to the criminal justice system.

I have always been especially interested in youth offenders and sex crimes.

My passion for psychology and criminal behaviour has opened me up to a world of literature in this genre. I am particularly interested in the true crime books penned by Ann Rule, amongst others.

I have encountered, and was captivated by, the controversial and unethical 'Stanford Prison Experiment' administered by Philip G. Zimbardo.

I have enjoyed studying that of Little Albert, it was a great insight into the fear response, and, although unethical, it has benefited us right up to the present day.

I initially studied psychology at A level in college. I learnt about the various psychological approaches such as the behaviourist approach and psychodynamics, I gained extensive knowledge of Freud and his theory of The Stages, and studied various other topics. I fell pregnant half way through the course and unfortunately could not continue.

However, this brief period of study gave me a taste of the subject; I knew I would pursue it further and eventually aim for a career in forensic psychology.

Therefore in 2003 I decided that as soon as circumstances prevailed; I would follow my overall aspiration of studying at university; and this year I chose to enrol onto a QAA Access to Higher Education course.

I am also studying an optional course in Mathematics which, once completed, will result in 6 open college network credits at level 3, and 3 credits at level 2.

I believe that as well as aiding me, this also proves my ability to be self motivated.

Whilst I appreciate that I do not have a massive amount of qualifications (this is due to an extreme case of bullying and a change of school at a very crucial time), I believe I have lived through a lot; I am now settled, mature and more than determined to do this course, and; since leaving secondary education I have gained a wide array of skills.

These have developed from various occupations: from my bar job; I have experience of team work and liaising with people, from Human Resources I have analytical skills, and for my Customer Service Administrator job there is researching (people and events).

In the last 5 years I have raised 3 children, thus enhancing certain abilities, such as: time management and organisation.

In my spare time I frequent the local book club; which is held in Wallasey Library, and I am currently awaiting a volunteer placement within the Youth Justice system.

I enjoy writing short stories and poems for my children and generally spending time with them. I am computer literate to a high degree of competency; this is due to working with varied systems throughout employment, and also from being a keen user at home.

I believe that as a mature student with vast life experience; my input to the course will be invaluable.

My experience in the Human Resources department of a national bank proves that I am highly numerate and used to copious amounts of responsibility; both as an individual and as part of a team.

I am keen, conscientious and hard working and I am hugely enthusiastic about my choice of course. I am also quick to adapt to any given situation and I sincerely believe that I will be an asset, not just in the classroom, but to the university as a whole.

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This personal statement was written by sweetiepie for application in 2009.

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