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I am interested in studying Criminology for the mere purpose of wanting to fulfil a deeper understanding of the causes and consequences of crime and exploring how crime affects our society. The workings of the human mind intrigue me. I am looking forward to analysing what crime is and what exactly is classified as criminal behaviour. Paul Tappan gave a literal definition of crime. It is known that one's culture, age gender or even ethnicity portrays different rates of criminality. But how do we differentiate a defence from an excuse?

In the pre-18th Century, there were religious and supernatural explanations of crime. Whilst engaging in studies of my own, I came across the American case of Andrea Yates which gripped my attention. A mother who had cold-heartedly murdered her five children claiming the devil had possessed her. There was a lot of dispute about whether she was mentally ill or simply pure evil. What makes people commit unthinkable crimes? How do most criminals commit crimes ruthlessly? How do crimes affect the people around us? Are criminals born evil? Could it be nature... or nurture? The many questions lingering through my mind are driving me more towards this insightful course.

Studying A-level Law has inspired me to learn more about criminal law. Law has aided me with an incentive to read more independently and keep up with current affairs through reading newspapers such as The Times. After visiting the Old Bailey and the Royal Courts of Justice, I had the privilege to sit in court rooms and hear real-life cases in progress. The trips combined with me solely visiting my local crown court gave me the experience of witnessing defendants being questioned and made me understand how the burden of proof in criminal law is applied and satisfied.

Studying business has moulded me into a more independent, accountable and timely person. I have learnt to keep up with deadlines of many various assignments. As part of my enrichment, I play volleyball. As the captain of my volleyball team, I have learnt to work in a team and increase my leadership skills. Performing in the Black History Month Show with my dance group, has helped bring out my artistic side. I was selected to partake in a staff recruitment programme in which I was to give feedback on candidate's delivery of a planned lesson. This opportunity gave me awareness of how one can adapt their behaviour in certain settings. Some candidate's body language and facial expressions displayed anxiety, shyness and even irritation. Analysing their body language forced me to recall how some defendants portrayed themselves in court.

I was born in Switzerland. I speak fluent German, Akan and can hold a simple conversation in French. I have visited several countries such as America, France, Ghana and Germany. My exposure to different languages and cultures has helped me to adapt in various settings and given me the knowledge about the dissimilarities of qualities of life and laws in diverse countries. I am an avid reader. My interests lie in non-fictional books. Some of my much-loved authors include Frances Reilly and C. S. Lewis. As a devoted Christian, I sing in the church choir. This has helped me gain confidence. I love to stand in front of a crowd and make known my voice.

I have a philosophy; a way of thinking. There is always something new to learn, the most important thing is to hold curiosity in simply listening. I desire to be accepted on this course primarily because learning further has no limits and I plan on taking this opportunity first-hand. I desire to enhance my knowledge about the criminal mind, means of how we conduct ourselves and understanding why crime is such a substantial part of our world. I want to delve into criminology, a subfield of sociology, to ultimately help me to pursue my aspirations of earning an internship in Switzerland and thereafter progressing onto becoming a criminologist.

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