Criminology and Sociology Personal Statement Example 4

I am a determined, enterprising and driven student who is able to use my own initiative; I work well under pressure both as part of a team and independently where I have the capability to excel on my own in tough situations. My zeal to learn new things and experience new challenges drives me to be the best possible person I can be. The qualities I possess are that I am friendly, enthusiastic, conscientious, diligent, honest and reliable while possessing excellent communication skills both written and verbally.
For my A Levels I chose to study English Literature, History and Sociology, I chose Sociology as I it was new to me and I have always been interested in people. Society influences us in every aspect of our lives, as it allows us to follow the values and norms that are acceptable in society. However, I did not realise how much I would enjoy Sociology; this subject has allowed me the opportunity to explore a wide range of topics like social inequalities, culture, and globalisation allowing me to critically develop my knowledge on the society we live in. The subject that intrigues me the most is crime & deviance as I am fascinated greatly by the fact crime is a social construct that is fundamental in the evolution of society. Due to my enjoyment of Sociology at A-Level, I figured that studying sociology further at university, as well as criminology would be beneficial to me, as the studying and research of crime has always intrigued me. Criminology and Sociology both focus in-depth on crime, exploring correlations between certain crimes within different social groups, as well as to why crimes are committed. Due to my interest in these two subjects I have decided to incorporate them together and pursue a degree in this field at university as I am excited to develop my knowledge.
The other subjects I study are English Literature and History and have allowed me to develop extensive analysis of social and criminal behaviour as they both include beneficial aspects that will be key in my studies at university. My History A-Level relates to Sociology in the sense that it helps me to understand the change and continuity that takes place in history and this can relate directly to the study of how society changes and continues in Sociology. Studying A-Level English Literature has enabled to me to have a deeper understanding of how to be analytical in my writing. I have gained the ability to digest an abundance on information and process the necessary aspects of it that allows me to regurgitate it into relevant context. Creating my English coursework has further enhanced my ability to work independently and to research online which is a crucial skill I will need to possess when attending university.
During my time at sixth form I have had the opportunity to volunteer at events such as Industry Day allowing me to use my interaction skills to give guidance to younger pupils on their desired career path and offer my advice to them. This has boosted my communications skills greatly and gave me access into the thoughts of people which will aid me in the studying of sociology and criminology. It has also given me the ability to be approachable and have a willingness to discuss with others which will be vitally important when discussing sensitive topics in Sociology and Criminology. My experience in part time employment in a number of different working environments has been essential for me to develop as a person learning and developing skills that I will carry with me throughout life. I have grasped a number of skills such as leadership and customer service qualities through my work and my drive to work in a number of jobs reiterates my hardworking, determined nature. I have learnt to be efficient while working in fast paced environments and I can use this to my advantage when attending university.
I believe attending university will give me the best opportunity of achieving a job I will thoroughly enjoy in the future.

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My personal statement that was catered to Criminology as well as Sociology. I applied for Criminology at John Moores University, Criminology and Sociology at John Moores University, Criminology with Sociology at University of Liverpool and Sociology at University of Liverpool. I received conditional offers from all four choices i applied for. I incorporated my three A-Level subjects into my personal statement with them being History, English Literature and Sociology as to how they'll benefit the courses I've applied for at university and to life as a student in university as a whole


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