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I love the idea that dedicated people want to discover why we are the way we are and spend their lives researching to find out about behaviour, mental illness and disease. Almost three years ago my Grandpa died of a stroke and a few months previously he had been diagnosed with dementia. There were noticeable and saddening differences in his behaviour, mood and memory. This close experience sparked my initial interest into the subject of the brain, I wanted to know why dementia and strokes occurred, why they affected our behaviour and what could be done to prevent them. I find the recent discovery of a lymphatic system in the brain extremely interesting as this discovery should make it possible to study how the brain circulates white blood cells, and how these processes may go wrong in diseases or play a role in aging.

My study of biology at A level has developed my skills in statistical methods and analysis of data from practical work; using evidence is vital for validating a hypothesis. Also, my study of English literature and history gives me the complimentary skills of evaluation of text and language as well as essay writing skills. In addition, both subjects have provided me with perspectives on human actions and motivations, vital for criminological study. Studying English has increased my confidence to express my ideas and support them with evidence. I am confident about applying these skills to undergraduate study.

I frequently watch TED talks, as I find watching experts talk about the subject or showing how experiments are executed particularly engaging. The topics of the roots of youth violence and mental health in offenders are fascinating. I enjoy reading around the subject of the brain and behaviour, my most recent being ‘Well-Being in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Relationships to symptoms and psychological distress’ (Andrew K. Macleod, Hannah Jackson).

This article interested me because it explored different measures including hospital anxiety and depression, psychological well-being and the scale of positive and negative experience in CBF patients and explored the idea of a more effective treatment. It was such studies that inspired my Extended Project Qualification. I specifically wanted to focus on the role of sleep in Mental Health and its relationship to well-being. In my project I focus on the changes in brain activity that sleep deprivation causes and the subsequent effect with temporary symptoms and/or long-lasting Clinical Mental Illness. My EPQ has significantly developed my research, evaluative and organisational skills and it is a very enjoyable and interesting process learning more about psychology and relating it to our lifestyles.

I use my spare time to play piano, I reached grade 6 by the time I was 15 and from there decided to develop my skill independently. Music has been a source of therapy for me since I was young but especially came in handy during times of stress at GCSE’s and A levels. At school I am part of the charity team where I help to raise awareness through assemblies as well as raising money for charities themselves. Being a volunteer has helped be to speak confidently, especially in front of people, and to be innovative with new ideas on how to raise money and awareness.

I have been volunteering at a Guild Care charity shop since September 2017, this has helped me to learn how to work both independently and as a team; it has significantly increased my confidence to raise new ideas and solve any problems that may arise. I have developed strong communication skills because of interacting with customers, and I can put these to good use when presenting my ideas in classes or arguing persuasively in essays. I am keen to assert these skills at university too and I am excited to be part of clubs and societies where I can hopefully hold an influential role or work as part of a team. I cannot wait to reach an insightful understanding of this subject further than what I’ve read in my own time and ultimately be involved in the process of discovering more about the brain.

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I applied for Psychology with Criminology at my universities
I received offers from all the universities that applied to and my predicted grades were lower than what two of the universities wanted.

These are the unis i got offers from:
Royal Holloway


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