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“I think there is a world market for maybe 5 computers,” said Thomas Watson chairman of IBM in 1943. How very wrong he was! I have been brought up in a vastly growing digital age, where my interest has expanded with it. From my A levels I have developed a passion in computing, especially security. People are using computers for ever more elaborate crimes, anything from fraud to unethical hacking.

This is the area that I wish to specialise in: Digital Forensics and Cyber Security. My other interests lie in Computer Networks and Information and Communication Technologies.

I believe studying ICT is paramount in gaining the core skills and knowledge required for the course I have chosen. The skills I have learnt include a project, implementing and designing spreadsheets and databases. The challenge of having to engage in interviews with an end client and implementing their requirements has been an enjoyable experience, especially from a business point of view.

I’ve also learnt how to use all types of generic application software on Microsoft Office. Although it isn’t essential for a course such as this it would help tackle any software layouts and hopefully as new software will be introduced, such as XRY and EnCase, I would quickly grasp how I can make use of them in digital forensics and security.

I’ve been fascinated to learn how easy it was to extract data from a potential criminal’s mobile phone.

The study of psychology embraces the factual reality of trying to answer a very important question. “What makes an individual, or group of people, irrationally turn to crime?” Psychology uses the scientific process to determine why criminals have this mindset. Could it be something to do with the family they were bought up in, their encoded DNA or their environment?

This sort of psychological thinking would allow me to have a range of perspectives and has helped me engage in heated debates. I think this is very important that I should think like this, to hold on to my integrity.

Applied Science has taught me many areas of scientific study, from genetic engineering to how mobile phones work.

The A2 part of this module I have just started is called Working Waves. This module will be teaching me all about the applied physics of modern communication systems, how optical fibres carry data and how infrared imaging works.

As I know, the first year of a digital forensics degree will cover some challenging maths and Applied Science is helping me become more confident and prepared for that module. In addition Applied Science bases itself on the more vocational side, increasing my practical knowledge of setting up apparatus.

From this it would be valuable as I will be expecting to disassemble and put back together hardware such as Motherboards and CD-ROMs.

I have been fortunate enough to have a parent who has worked in the PC repair business for almost 23 years.

I have gained invaluable knowledge of working with him on fixing or needing to replace graphic cards, CD/R drives, DVD drives and hard drives. I’ve taught myself programming in the computing language C++. Apart from that I’ve recently began reading New Scientist magazine to keep me updated on new technological developments.

Sport activities I’ve participated in outside of school include football, cycling, fitness and occasionally do swimming. I’ve had work experience in 2008 at a retail company called Curry’s, where I was allowed to use their computer systems. I was very happy that I had involvement with improving their spread sheet system, inputting expressions to calculate particular columns.

I’m currently re-taking exam and coursework modules as I was disappointed with the grades I got from them, however with enough perseverance I know that my grades can be improved.

I think that I have the determination and enthusiasm to allow myself to progress through the digital forensics and cyber security degree, and to make an impact on the world of computing.

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This personal statement was written by Frosty328 for application in 2012.

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This was written in 2011. Apart from Digital Forensics (like many computing subjects), this can give general insight into other branches of computing courses that many of you are likely to also be interested in. You may noticed I have left out cyber security in the personal statement title, that is because from 2012 it has been altered to just Digital Forensics, rather than Digital Forensics and Cyber Security.

Please feel free to comment.

Hope this helps you and good luck with creating your own personal statement!


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