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Games Programming is the single most thing I have wanted to do since the age of 11. I want to be vital part of a games production, and be able to put my name on it then say: "I was part of that."

I have always been fascinated with mathematics, puzzles and codes, which is one of the main reasons that I became interested in programming. At school, there used to be a series of mathematical challenges on one of the walls. If you completed a number of them, you won a prize; I won a lot of brand new pens this way, as well as some cash prizes.

I already understand a modest amount of C++, HTML, and BASIC, but I wish to broaden my scope and gain more skills in the languages I already know. At the age of 12, I had created my first game. A simple multiplayer world with characters, a few walls and a message to all function; however at the age of 12, with no experience or assistance, it was a big accomplishment. Since then, I have become fluent in a compiler called BYOND; which is a compiler that uses a modified version of C++ to create 2D games.

I am currently on a Games Development course at college. I have chosen this course because I knew it would be the first step towards my goal of becoming a professional programmer, moreover I enjoy learning new things. I plan to use this experience to aid me in creating my own unique game. A University Education will assist me in achieving this short term goal, and eventually my long term goal of being part a of a best-selling games production.

I absolutely love College life. Everything from the work I am doing, to the people I meet, the atmosphere and the free rein students are given. You go to college by choice, and you're expected to work. You're not forced to do a thing, if you don't want to do it you don't have to be there. In three years, I have never missed a day and I have never been late. I love this life too much to miss a day. At an open day at University, I loved it even more; so much so that I actually didn't want to leave.

I am a very approachable person. At college, I am someone that everyone can turn to if they need help. I enjoy helping people, and I love to be someone everyone can rely on and trust. I also understand that some things people need to do by themselves. For example, about a year ago a kid in an online community I am part of asked me to help him with his maths homework. I didn't solve the problems for him, but I did help him to understand how to solve them himself.

For about a year at the age of 14, I joined the Stafford Sea Cadets. I learnt new things during my time there, and eventually I was told I was to be the squad leader for a couple of competitions. The squad, under my command, came first in one of these competitions, and second in the other. I learnt a great deal about working with others during my time as the leader, and also I learnt how to listen to others and make their opinions count.

I take criticism well, and actually listen to what people say. If someone says my work is no good, I will ask them why that is and what they recommend I do to fix it. If someone tells me I can't do something, I will do everything I can to prove them wrong. I know that one day I will become a professional programmer, even if I have to teach myself, because I will not rest until I have achieved my dream.

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Took me ages to write... I just hope it is enough.


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