Computer Science Personal Statement

I have a long standing interest in computing and computer related systems and technology. When I was young I used to enjoy taking things apart to see how they work, and my interest in computers particularly was peaked when I attended work experience in year 10 at a computer shop.

They had some old Pentium II computers selling at a cheap price, and having always wanted a computer of my own, I decided to buy one. In dealing with the problems associated with setting up and running an old system, I learnt much about computers and the way they work, and gained a strong passion for all things technological.

In attempting to add new hardware to an aging machine, where nothing was simply 'Plug and Play', I had to teach myself all about memory allocation and related issues.

All my computers since then had been hand-me-downs, such as the Pentium III powered PC my Grandad gave me, and most recently a Dual Xeon server my Dad gave me because it was always breaking and he'd given up with it. Given a couple of days, I had it up and running smoothly with no troubles whatsoever.

Whenever I visit friends and relatives, I usually find myself fixing someones PC or new television, and I find it flattering that I am often the first person people think of when they have a technological problem.

Now, having started a job at Mills Newsagents, which has given me many skills, such as communicating effectively with new people, and learning how retail technology and systems work and are used, I have finally gained the funds to hand pick components and build myself my dream PC, dealing with all the problems and difficulties that arise from making a stable yet fast gaming system for a budget of under £600.

At the time of writing, I am currently studying electrical and electronic engineering at Lincoln College. This has given me a broad foundation of knowledge not only on computers, but many technology and business systems, ranging from hardware aspects to programming.

My tutor has stated that I am on track for a DDD final grade, the best that can be obtained. I am a hard worker, with a keen interest in all computer and related technology, and the enthusiasm to carry me through.

At the age of 12, I completed an RSA 1:Word and Text Processing course with a pass, outside of school in an independent voluntary course, as the only child in the group.

I feel that going to University could help me achieve my life goals and broaden my knowledge immeasurably, while feeding my hunger for all things technological.

Year applied: 
Computer Science
Computing and IT

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