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When interacting with any computational device I have a natural curiosity for what goes on behind the screen. Peering at the diagnostics review whilst watching a technician attempt to fix my mother’s work computer intensified this curiosity. I wanted to understand how a computer processes data and this led me to explore the world of computer science.

I began to get a better understanding of the theory behind computer operations while reading ‘Computer Science: A Very Short Introduction’, in which the author explores a hierarchy composed of 5 levels. Interaction on levels 1 to 2 between virtual machine components and software quickly caught my attention.

The author, describing their interaction through ‘abstraction’ and ‘refinement’ explained how and why a system was necessary to meet the requirements set by the user. This encouraged me to become familiar with programming. I have since worked with HTML and CSS in web design and although not recognised under the spectrum of computer science this prepared me for tackling languages that are more complex.

I started teaching myself Python, a language with a vast coding ability which tested my ability to define conditionals while maintaining a clear style and order. I am also applying a similar language, Lua, and I am developing a game, together with my brother, hosted on a platform provided for the user to publish their own creations.

I enjoy tackling situations where I am required to apply my knowledge systematically. Physics A-Level tests my ability to be resourceful, while ensuring all work remains in standard units thereby adhering to a fundamental rule. This knowledge was useful while reading how algorithms used in computers require certain attributes.

Maths A-Level challenges me to apply consistency when finding derivatives and integrals of curved lines. Solving double cyclic integrals requires multi-stage working of equations before an answer can be reached and I was able use my understanding of this method when programming with Python.

Carrying out an independent investigation for my Geography A-Level coursework helped refine my ability to collect relevant data. Being able to use GIS mapping was interesting and led me to think more about how computers were used to display the information.

I have achieved bronze certificates in each of the Junior, Intermediate and Senior UKMT Maths Challenges and my extra-curricular activities include competitive swimming as a member of Enfield Swim Squad. I trained with national competitors and our training schedule consisted of 10 hours pool time each week including a minimum of three early morning sessions starting at 05:30.

My most memorable experience was of a seven-day training camp in 2016 where the work load on our physical endurance doubled. I have also worked part time as a lifeguard at my local leisure centre having attained the National Pool Lifeguard Qualification.

Working under a chain of management and interacting with members of the public taught me the importance of communication and teamwork. Having responsibility for the safety of the public also helped me develop leadership qualities.

I want to carry on swimming as part of a team at university and look forward to participating in clubs and projects as part of the computer science community. I am excited to develop my depth of knowledge and skill sets and put them to good use by continuing my hobby, coding in game design.

Through higher education my aim is to work on the performance of computer software and the interaction between user and program.

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