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I chose computer science because of its endless opportunities. I have a huge passion for computer science because of its versatility and the amount of things you can do with It, from developing a program that can run advance software’s to inventing the next big smart phone. I have been curious person since I was a child always thinking how the computer process our data or how does a screen react to our touch, and in search for these questions my passion gradually increased for computer science.

I’m always learning new stuff about computer and programming enhancing my knowledge about the world of computers. I think this is why I stand out above other candidates. I also consider myself a good mathematician as I understand and learn things quick. Knowing my abilities and capability I want to have a career in the world of computers and grow my knowledge.

Currently, I am doing a foundation year at On campus LSBU studying the fundamentals of pure mathematics, physics and skills for science which teaches me about the basics of engineering and computer science. It is also familiarizing me with UK and its teaching.
Most of my knowledge about this course comes from me watching loads of videos on programming/coding this really made me excited and ambitious about computer science. I am really passionate about this course and would like to invest my time and energy into it professionally.

By doing this foundation year, it is building my skills to be ready for university and studying subjects related to computer science. Studying algebra, trigonometry and basics of calculus will help me in future. Physics and skills for science will enhance my skills and grow my knowledge. This Foundation will help me significantly in my future studies here in the United Kingdom as it is familiarizing me with the studies in the United Kingdom and im slowly getting used to it.

By the end of my Foundation year, I will be fully ready for my undergraduate degree here in this country. I love to analyze a problem and fixing it from the root is always so satisfying to me. The whole process of analyzing and finding the problem to then fixing it and getting the job done is so enjoyable, this is one of the reasons why I want to proceed computer science. Knowing coding and programming is all about solving problems and making one’s life simpler makes me more excited to learn about this course.

My Mother used to tell me that to really understand a certain topic teach it to someone. So, in my free time I tend to help my fellow classmates and friends with there studies as it also helps me to understand and learn it more efficiently. Helping others makes me feel good and is beneficial in every way. As a health conscious person, I work out in the gym everyday. I lift weights and do some high intensity workouts which is really good for your heart and health in general.

I keep a good diet as I know how to cook, cooking is like a hobby of mine. I cook for myself three times a day, I also cook for my friends and family sometimes out of love and to show off my skills. Other than that I love watching videos about coding. Playing videogames online with my friends is something that I do every now and then, I enjoy it a lot as it builds my focus and enhances my communication skills.

After completing my Undergraduate degree in Computer science I will proceed to do master’s in business administration. This way I will learn about business and apply my skills of programming and coding and start a business in IT. I will wither assist my father in his business or open my own company in IT.

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