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In the recent decade, the function of machine-generated intelligence in supplementing judgments has been more visible. It is reasonable to expect that in a few years, humans' role in decision-making processes will be limited to selecting the best possibilities from a collection of outputs supplied by computers. Machines are significantly more effective than human intelligence since the advent of Data Science. This is especially true when it comes to detecting trends, identifying patterns, and making predictions from large datasets. However, for such accomplishments, computers require the assistance of professional data scientists. I believe that pursuing the MS in Data Science from your respected university will enable me to pursue a rewarding career as a data scientist.

I graduated from the University of Ilorin's Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. The course provided me with a strong foundation in programming, web technologies, data structures, and DBM systems. Motivated by my desire to learn, I have attempted to dabble in a wide range of relevant topics that were not covered in the curriculum. The majority of these investigations were conducted via online courses from reputable colleges. Data Science, Machine Learning, and Blockchains are just a few of the topics I've mastered this way. Although such classes were limited to the fundamentals, the variety has assisted me in connecting the dots between diverse technologies.

My academic goals, on the other hand, have not prevented me from participating in a wide range of extracurricular activities. I was a member of the Phos Foundation where I was in charge of supporting in organizing charity programs and helping to solicit funds from notable people in the society. I watch movies a lot as it is one of my ways of relieving stress. My goal is to become a powerful data scientist and work as a researcher analyzing large data sets and creating models to further predict and explain their effects on the globe.

To get a comprehensive understanding of all the fields and divisions of technology that encompass data science, I have chosen to pursue a master's degree in data science. I'm confident that attending your university will provide me with the chance to pursue greatness and acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for a fruitful career in data science. As a result, I think learning more about data science will be useful because it is the future. With the information I will acquire from my master's degree, I hope to undertake insightful studies on huge data sets

My knowledge base has been widened by my prior education and work experience, which have given me a comprehensive understanding of the many fundamental fields that make up data science. Throughout my graduate and doctorate studies, I hope to delve further into this subject and uncover all of its possibilities. I had the good fortune to meet amazing individuals, build a solid network, and acquire some priceless analytics-related expertise during my education and professional career. I still have that childlike curiosity and want to advance, which for me would be to enrol in a Master's degree.

I think I still have a great deal to discover about this subject and a long way to go before I can accomplish my objectives. I am certain that the Data Science program at University of Sussex will help me increase my knowledge and hone my abilities so that I may fulfil my lifelong goal of becoming a powerful data scientist. The excellent academic staff and program at the university will give me exposure to and training in my area of interest, which will help me grow my career in the right direction. I thus ask for the chance to pursue a master's degree in the area of study of my choice since I would benefit from the university.

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