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My strong interest in computer science stems from my fascination for scientific and technological development: something that I explore regularly in my spare time.

The topic that grasped my interest most is artificial intelligence, which I had not researched until watching Gary Kasparov, an undefeated chess Grandmaster, being bested by the program ‘Deep Blue’.

Ultimately, this triggered my curiosity, which introduced me to works such as Max Tegmark’s ‘Life 3.0’, a book that truly heightened my inquisitiveness regarding the potential power and usefulness of intelligent machines. What captivated me was the professor’s outlook on the complexity of consciousness, and whether this term can ever be applied to AGI.

I have also been listening to a podcast series called ‘Models of Consciousness’ hosted by Oxford University, which masterfully explores the relationship between neuroscience and machine learning.

News of current rapid developments coupled with the sheer idea of replicating the learning processes of the human brain perpetually motivates me to pursue my dream occupation as a Machine Learning engineer. Through this, I hope that I can greatly contribute to the advancement of artificial intelligence in all aspects of our society.

A large proportion of my knowledge of computer science has come from my own personal research. I frequently watch public lectures and TED Talks that detail the astronomical impact that the expansion of technology will have on the future of humanity.

Most of these discussions dissect the ethical implications surrounding the digital revolution, and the drastic impacts it could have on the job market or data privacy for instance. This is an area of debate I am most intrigued by. In addition to this, I have registered as a member of the Internet Society, where I now regularly seek information about current technological strides.

Academically, I have a keen interest in the subject. In my previous school, I received the Warner Award – the highest award for achievement in computing – and I also undertook the role of school technician, managing the sound for productions.

While studying computing at GCSE, I was provided with basic knowledge of Python programming and computational thinking, which I have more recently revisited by enrolling in MOOCs I accessed through edX, in order to enhance my understanding of programming and artificial intelligence.

I chose to study Maths at A-Level for the simple reason that logical problem solving brings me thorough enjoyment and satisfaction. Overcoming difficulties is inherent in daily life and tenacity, one of the cornerstones of mathematics, is a crucial trait if one is to progress in our ever-changing society.

My passion for sharing knowledge encouraged me to enlist as a maths prefect. My role was to run weekly homework and revision sessions for students of all abilities, so they could comfortably triumph over respective obstacles.

Outside of school, I have many interests, one of which is love for playing the guitar: a skill my Dad introduced me to at the age of five.

While this serves as a method of stress-relief from schoolwork, the disciplinary nature of this hobby has aided in enhancing my memory, coordination, and creative abilities, as well as cultivating a sense of patience and determination. I believe that these areas of expertise are intrinsically linked to computer science and are key to success.

Regarding computer science and university, I know that I am only peering through the keyhole, but I’m determined to unlock the door.

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