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From the age of six I had started to develop an interest in computers. This came from watching my dad repair computers. I can recall my initial fascination, watching my dad, and trying to put the pieces together in my head. I was captivated by the complexity and beauty of the computers. This passion has only grown for the past twelve years. In this day and age, computers are involved in almost every aspect of our lives, the possibilities they could offer us in the future are endless. This is the reason I want to study computer science.

I'm still particularly fascinated with how computers work, how they can store such immense amount of data and recall it at an instance, how an object of miniscule size such as a processor can perform such complex algorithms. In my spare time I like to expand on my knowledge of computer science as much as possible by fixing computers for others. This is not only helpful to them, but it also aids me in the understanding of the complexity of a computer system and how it functions. I assembled my first computer at the age of twelve. I had a limited budget at the time, so I had to make crucial decisions of what parts to purchase. I have done a number of HTML related work on Dreamweaver, whilst creating a website for a friend's business. During my year ten work experience I worked at "***********", a small school run business, for which I had been given a task of compiling a database for all their drivers. I was then allowed the opportunity to repair their old computers.

Because of my interest in computer science, I have taken the opportunity to do an extended project, entitled 'Robotic Evolution'. This project involves the study of modern robots and whether it is possible to program robots so that they can learn for themselves and function without the interference of humans. The Duke of Edinburgh award and leading my cricket team have immensely helped me to improve my team working and communication skills. Successfully completing the silver award was rewarding; however, the practice expedition for the gold award was far more challenging, pushing my limits greatly. I lead the college team to win the ICC indoor cricket tournament in 2008 which was a personal achievement for me. I am an elite member of the Rotary club in our college; I work alongside the secretary to keep the club running. We organise fundraising events, last year we organised an event to purchase aqua boxes to be shipped off to developing countries. Outside college, I have raised funds through a variety of means during the past years, for example, I have participated in charity walks and handed out poppies at tube stations across London.

Physics and Economics have helped me develop problem solving; analytical, judgemental and evaluative skills. I also chose to study German at A-Level because I believe that languages are key in this day and age as the world is so diverse. In addition, outside my A-Level studies, I decided to take up the language of Chinese. Problem solving games such as chess or the Rubik's cube are my personal favourites. In year eleven I took the initiative to "Buddy Read" with a year seven student, assisting him in his reading ability. In addition, I enjoy reading about technological and scientific development around the world. I am a keen reader of the "New Scientist"; I also take pleasure in watching documentaries on Discovery and National Geographic channel.

I am ready for the challenges a university degree will bring. I am passionate about everything that involves around computers and would like to develop my understanding of them. With my proven capability I intend to take advantage of all academic prospects to refine my skills to their maximum for my chosen career path whilst maintaining my active lifestyle.

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@guy above me

In a personal statement you are supposed to mention other aspects of your life which demonstrate leadership, forward planning and other positive attributes. It is not meant to be 47 lines purely on your chosen subject.

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The guy obove the guy obove :P

just because you are a stupid little nerd who sits infront of the computer all day long , you are criticizing someone for having a life . unlike you people have lives , play sports , help people in need , give charity and even cook if they love food .

hmmm legit or spelling mistake.

10 years work experience?
Or did you mean one?

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